Matthew 11:5

April 23, 2014

Our new favorite verse starts out: The blind receive sight, the lame walk…

Our first trip to the grocery store was a great success if you don’t count the 10 minutes in the parking lot that it took to figure out how to assemble the wheelchair or the smashed jar of olives at the checkout line.

In other news, the new Walmart within walking distance of Rachel’s house opened this morning. She went there during her lunch break and bought lunch at the deli. We may go tonight if we can pull ourselves together enough to do so!

Easter and Bluebonnets

April 20, 2014

Not exactly our usual Easter, but pleasant enough: Sunday School including Easter Egg hunt, off to lunch with friends, then some obligatory bluebonnet photos–dragging my leg along for the ride.


One family from church has lent me a walker and today another family lent me a wheelchair. I feel like an old lady, but these items do help me to get around more safely. It is hard getting used to them, and it is kinda discouraging at how long it takes to do anything or go anywhere. But I’m grateful for how helpful Gary has been–he has made me wonderful omelettes at least three times for breakfast.



The bluebonnets are nice this year, in spite of light rain. We found a new patch today that was easy to walk to, even with a bum leg.






Rachel the Track Star?

April 19, 2014

New experience for Rachel this morning–she did a 1-mile fun walk with folks from her church, and she has a tee shirt to prove it. Not only a tee shirt, but a contestant number too!

In other news, I managed to sing with the choir last night at our Good Friday service, so that was a bit of getting back to normal. However, my foot actually hurts a bit since I’m wearing the boot, not exactly sure why. I sure feel clumsy. Not entirely sure how I’m going to manage an Easter egg hunt with my Sunday School class tomorrow.

Walking Boot

April 18, 2014




I finally got in to the orthopedic doctor late this morning and now have a walking boot. Both the dr. and his PA thought I was a “tough guy” for not taking painkillers. He said it would just need about 4-6 weeks in the boot, keep it elevated when possible, and “don’t mow the lawn.” (As if I would–that is Gary’s job!) No cast, no surgery, etc. so I feel thankful for that.

It will take me some time to get used to the clumsy boot, moving around with crutches or walker. I feel pretty klutzy. And there is actually some pain now since the boot is forcing my foot into a different angle than I’ve had it all week. Anyway, I’m feeling well enough that I plan to sing in choir at tonight’s Good Friday service.

Some friends have signed up to bring us meals–how nice is that?

From Bad to Worse

April 15, 2014

I got into our clinic on Monday morning and our doctor sent me to the local hospital for an x-ray on my ankle. It was nearly 24 hours later that I found out it was a “spiral fracture of the left fibula.” They left me on my own to find an orthopedist so we called the guy who took care of Gary’s knee two years ago. The good news is his office is only 4 miles away. The bad news is that I can’t get in until Friday morning!

So I guess that means I have to sit with my leg elevated on ice and Gary has to wait on me! Actually, I have some crutches and really it doesn’t hurt to walk or put a little weight on it as long as I don’t twist it in any way. The swelling has gotten worse and it is starting to turn colors too.

Wrap-up from our Portland Trip

April 14, 2014

We really enjoyed our 10 days in Portland. I wish we didn’t live so far away so we could be more a part of our grandkids lives. Alas, we have to make do with short but intense visits!

David and Sarah seem to be doing pretty well. They actually took a 36-hour vacation to Vegas while we were there, thanks to some plane ticket vouchers from a family member. Micah and Emma didn’t have any problem with suddenly being left with strange grandparents, so that was nice.

David has a much less stressful commute to work than last year, and it seems like his residency is going pretty well even if he didn’t really talk about it that much. He did have a rough night when he was on call–almost no sleep that night. Sarah is now working at an oncology clinic one half-day a week, but has other things she wants and needs to do that relate to work: getting certified at a number of hospitals and doing a bunch of work to help their church set up a free community clinic. Micah goes to day-care two half days which he seems to like.

Emma was just starting to crawl while we were there, but also starting to pull herself up and gain standing balance. It seemed like she was learning a new trick each day we were there! And she’s such a cutie and so good-natured. Micah is a still in the terrible-twos in some ways, but is making good strides in potty training, playing with peers, and developing a lot of pre-reading skills. He loves his sister, sometimes a little too demonstrably! He was slow to start talking but seems to have entirely caught up and now is quite talkative with a great vocabulary. Both kids have smiles that will just melt your heart and both were quick to warm up to us even though we hadn’t seen them for many months! We miss them already!

I have put together a photo album of our time there with just a few captions. The events included time spent with Teresa and her kids and grandkids three different times, Emma’s dedication at church, and Sarah’s birthday. Gary and I also got to have a short visit with two different supporters. Click below to view the album.

14-04-03 Gary and Linda in Portland

Not In The Plan

April 13, 2014

This morning didn’t quite turn out as planned. As I walked out of the house with my big computer in hand I stepped half-off the edge of the sidewalk, twisted my left ankle, and fell to the ground–in the mud, with rain dripping off the roof, with my computer in the grass. And my ankle screaming at me!

Gary picked up the computer, then picked me up, assisted by the neighbors who were on their way to church too.

I took a few minutes to recover, then decided Sunday School needed us too much to stay home so I changed my muddy clothes and off we went. I could still drive with my right foot, after all.

They found a wheelchair for me at church which was nice, but when one of my 5th grader students took me down the ramp, she couldn’t control the wheelchair so it hit the wall, leaving a small divot. Don’t tell the pastor!

I spent the rest of the day with my foot elevated and on ice. I didn’t want to go to the ER, but I will go see our doctor tomorrow if it is not a lot better. And by the amount of swelling, it probably won’t be. I really don’t think anything is broken, but it is definitely sprained and bruised.

But, the computer still works! Yay!

Bird Walk with David Sibley

April 12, 2014

We just got home from Portland yesterday, so today will be laundry and mowing the lawn. But first, I had to get up early and go on a birdwalk with David Sibley! I set two different alarm clocks and neither one worked! (user error) Good thing Gary woke up anyway and woke me up!

The “walk” didn’t amount to more than 20 yards from one side of the parking lot to the other. Most people in the group were beginners (oh look! There’s a crow!) and all were old white people like me. But just standing there we saw 3 species of hawks, 2 of vultures, Cedar Waxwings, Yellow-rumped warbler, and a few other things! I actually “got” a lifer, but only by ear, so I only half-count that–Red-eyed vireo.

I asked someone to use my camera and take a photo of me and him while he was autographing my book, but it turned out very blurry. However, there was an official photographer from the Dallas Morning News who also took my photo at the same time, and then asked me for my name so he could submit it to the paper. I wonder if it will be used? If so, I could get a non-blurry version!

Here are a few of my morning’s photos.








Dedicated to the Lord

April 6, 2014

Today we visited David and Sarah’s church and were there for Emma’s baby dedication. There will be more photos later, but here are a few.





Quick Update from Portland

April 5, 2014

We have been in Portland for a few days now. I dont have my real computer here or even a real keyboard on this tablet, so this will be a short post. Note to Wendell and Judy: see photo below with all your kids and five-sixths of all your greatgrandkids! Note to Maureen: Emma loves ice cream (cones)!






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