Annual Christmas Sleepover in Granbury

December 13, 2014
14-12-12 Christmas in Granbury

We went to Granbury last night for our annual get-together with Martins, Fairbankses and Barnetts. Sorry the Fairbankses couldn’t make it–we missed them. We had chili for dinner then drove to the Granbury square and viewed the Living Christmas cards–a series of maybe 8 painted scenes with live actors doing little skits–it was kinda cute and the weather made for a delightful walk around the decorated square. Click the above photo to go see the full album, best viewed in Slideshow mode.

We came home and picked up Rachel then all three of us hit the local bookstore for some Christmas shopping followed by a late salad lunch. Got to eat salad to offset all the Christmas goodies that are starting to make an appearance.

OK, got to wrap some presents and get some more stuff in the mail!


December 12, 2014

It is after midnight, so I should be in bed. It has been a long day with lots of things going on.

I skipped work today to find a dentist who would take me in as an emergency. Thank the Lord, I found one very close by and I really liked him. I was in his office for 3 hours and came out with a temporary crown to fix my bicuspid that broke last evening. Not cheap, but I’m happy to have it taken care of so quickly.

Other items for today were wrapping gifts, baking cookies, packing a box to send, helping Rachel with some stuff, talking to Isabella via Skype, etc. Tomorrow I hope to go to the Post Office before we head for our annual Christmas trip to Granbury.

I never really had time to write about it, but Rachel and I really enjoyed singing in the backup choir for Keith Getty last Tuesday at the fancy opera house downtown.


Catching Up

December 6, 2014

Nothing earthshaking to report on, but I did make some Christmas-themed cakes this weekend.





I woke up early this morning and saw a coyote in the compost pile. Then another. And another. First time I’ve ever seen three at one time!


Even though we had a pretty busy week, I was able to go birding a couple times. No good photos really, but I did see a Horned Grebe, a Bufflehead, and the Canvasback ducks have returned. The lake seems low again, but the drought couldn’t stop this tiny flower.


Which Side is Your Bread Buttered On??

December 1, 2014

I always take a bit of evil pleasure when I know something that Baby David doesn’t. As in the idiom about one knowing which side one’s bread is buttered on. Apparently this expression has been used in English since the 1500s.  Here are some of the definitions:

  1. to know who to be nice to and what to do in order to get an advantage
  2. to be careful not to upset people who you know can help you
  3. to be aware of where one’s interests lie in a situation.

But of course, by now I have forgotten the context in which I used this idiom with him… :-(  Nevertheless, he should remember which side his bread is buttered on!

Speaking of David, he informed us that Sarah was not feeling well.  Please pray for her quick recovery.

Speaking of other scholars, Gary has just had another paper officially published by Wiley:  The Role of Metadata in the Infrastructure for Archival Interoperation.  This link will take you to the abstract which will not let you read the entire article, if you should ever for any reason want to!  To remedy that situation and make it “open access” would require a donation of $3000 to Wiley for the privilege.  Don’t think so.  If you really wanted to read it, we could email you an electronic reprint.

The Sunday School Report

November 30, 2014

Today was the first Sunday of Advent. I love the season and I always stretch my Christmas lesson out for the full four Sundays of advent. I usually try to find a craft project of some kind.

Last year we made nativity ornaments.
The year before we made a huge bulletin board.
One year we made nativity books.
This year we’re making nativity ornaments out of white clay. I might even try a recipe for homemade polymer clay because my first recipe seems kinda brittle. Photos of that to come later.

Anyway, today I wanted to record yet another reason we need to keep translating the Bible. Language changes. Words change meaning. Children don’t have a full and rich vocabulary in their heads at grades 5 and 6. Here is a conversation my my class this morning:

Me, reading Isaiah 7:14: “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel.”

Me: OK, what does “be with child” mean?

Student: A child is with her.

Me: No, it means “she is pregnant.”

Student: Then why doesn’t it say that?

Me: Good question (mumble). Moving on. What is a virgin?

Students: **silence and nervous giggles**

Me, ignoring giggles: A virgin is a woman who is not married and has never had sex.

Student: I knew that. I just didn’t want to say it.

As I understand it, early translations into English didn’t use the word “pregnant” because it was, well, risqué. Now we can’t say “with child” because it makes no sense. We can say “pregnant,” but the word “virgin” is now risqué. (Thanks, Madonna. And no, I’m not referring to the mother of Jesus…)


November 27, 2014

I have a lot to be thankful for, including a full tummy from all the feasting today.




I’m also grateful I got to speak with all my kids and grandkids.



Video call snapshot 2

Gary is grateful for his annual fruitcake gift from my mom. Opening it marks the start of the holiday season.


Health Report, Us and our Trees

November 24, 2014

Well, that’s done for another year. The physicals, that is. We both had good reports. I was glad that the blood sugar number still remains (barely) below critical. Gary was told he had lost 6 lbs. But cleverly he figured out that those 6 lbs were the Holiday Six that people typically gain between Thanksgiving and New Years Day (last year the physicals were in January, but we moved it up to before Thanksgiving). We’ve both lost a bit of flexibility in joints.

In other news, after last week’s cold temps, fall has arrived and our grandbabies’ trees are turning colors. The Isabella Elm has grown so tall.
The Micah Oak survived the dry summer much better its second year than it did the previous year.
The Emma Ash had a nervous breakdown during August when it prematurely shed its leaves, but they strongly grew back and are still hanging on.

A Christmas Carol

November 22, 2014

It is before Thanksgiving, but today seemed the best time to go to the Cedar Valley Community college production of A Christmas Carol. Some of our colleagues from the Ethnomusicology dept were performing along with what seemed like a cast of thousands!

I other news, the pathology report on Gary’s skin scrapings was negative, so that is good.

Tomorrow is the annual Thanksgiving dinner at church and I’m attempting to make some cute turkey cupcakes. Photos to follow.

Awaiting Pathology

November 18, 2014

I made Gary go to the dermatologist AGAIN today and they scraped one thing off his arm and froze the thing on his nose (again). I’m beginning to feel like I should be getting some of the $300 cash we paid for 6 minutes of the guy’s time since I’m the one who called it. Again.

The good news is that we managed to go to Taco Bueno prior to the appointment.

Visiting Evelyn and Florence

November 17, 2014

Gary and I had appointments at the lab to have blood drawn this chilly morning, so we decided we’d take the rest of the morning for breakfast and visiting some coworkers who now reside at Grace Presbyterian Village.

The blood draw was not too eventful. Only three tries to find my vein and Gary didn’t get woozie at all.

Breakfast was pretty much a fail. We avoided McDonalds because last time we went for Egg McMuffins, all they had was sausage biscuits. So we tried Wendy’s and that was even worse–no breakfast at all so we ate burgers instead, and I still have a stomach ache.

But then we did have a good visit at the assisted living home. We visited Marianna but she was in pretty bad shape and didn’t really even notice us. Then we visited John, and he isn’t doing well either, but he had his Bible open and was taking prayer requests from his buddies. Then we saw Evelyn. She seemed physically pretty good, very cheerful, and happy to see us. She repeated everything three or four times and really didn’t know us, but still seemed very happy we came. Then we saw Florence who can’t see much anymore but could carry on a good conversation even though she couldn’t remember many of the details of the story she wanted to tell us. Still, she was very happy we were there.




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