Awaiting Pathology

November 18, 2014

I made Gary go to the dermatologist AGAIN today and they scraped one thing off his arm and froze the thing on his nose (again). I’m beginning to feel like I should be getting some of the $300 cash we paid for 6 minutes of the guy’s time since I’m the one who called it. Again.

The good news is that we managed to go to Taco Bueno prior to the appointment.

Visiting Evelyn and Florence

November 17, 2014

Gary and I had appointments at the lab to have blood drawn this chilly morning, so we decided we’d take the rest of the morning for breakfast and visiting some coworkers who now reside at Grace Presbyterian Village.

The blood draw was not too eventful. Only three tries to find my vein and Gary didn’t get woozie at all.

Breakfast was pretty much a fail. We avoided McDonalds because last time we went for Egg McMuffins, all they had was sausage biscuits. So we tried Wendy’s and that was even worse–no breakfast at all so we ate burgers instead, and I still have a stomach ache.

But then we did have a good visit at the assisted living home. We visited Marianna but she was in pretty bad shape and didn’t really even notice us. Then we visited John, and he isn’t doing well either, but he had his Bible open and was taking prayer requests from his buddies. Then we saw Evelyn. She seemed physically pretty good, very cheerful, and happy to see us. She repeated everything three or four times and really didn’t know us, but still seemed very happy we came. Then we saw Florence who can’t see much anymore but could carry on a good conversation even though she couldn’t remember many of the details of the story she wanted to tell us. Still, she was very happy we were there.



In The Beginning

November 12, 2014

Today a small spacecraft named Philae made a soft landing on a comet 317 million miles away. Is that cool, or what?

Included in that coolness is the fact that the parallel text of Genesis 1-3 in 1500 languages is circling that comet too in the form of a Rosetta disk.

Over 10 years ago each of our kids was hired by the Long Now Foundation, as part of their Rosetta Project, to scan materials out of the archive at work. These materials were word lists, grammars, phonology statements, etc and texts–Genesis 1-3 in particular, in as many languages as we had in our archive. The Rosetta project etched these parallel texts onto a small nickel disk and one of these disks made its way to another Rosetta project–the spacecraft that left earth over 10 years ago and has been circling a comet for several weeks. The spacecraft actually is in two parts–the mother ship and the lander.

This photo, stolen from the Long Now, shows a red arrow pointing to the Rosetta disk affixed to the spacecraft prior to launch. The webpage from which this photo came is here.

The one of the stated missions of the Rosetta project is to learn more about the origins of the universe. Seems like they might have some of the clues about that already on board–in 1500 languages!

(Sorry for the broken links–fixed now, I think!)

Veteran’s Day and Happy Birthday to Wycliffe

November 11, 2014

Today there were two events to celebrate. First was Veteran’s Day, so here is a photo of my grandpa Shinabargar from 1918 and also one of my dad.

Then we had our annual Day of Prayer which marked the 80th anniversary of the founding of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

In less interesting news, it got so cold I had to turn the furnace on. Let’s see, about one week with neither A/C nor furnace…

Christmas Shoebox Time

November 10, 2014

If my three grandchildren lived near me, I would have done this project with them, one at a time. Alas, I am not so fortunate, so I had to substitute filling a Christmas Child shoebox on behalf of each grandchild, instead of with them.

Instead of using a real shoebox (I could only find one) I bought plastic storage boxes for $.97 each.  They could be useful in and of themselves.  Rachel went with me to Walmart and we picked out stuff for three children, keeping in mind the gender and ages of the three grandchildren.  We found a ball for each kid, a shirt, some socks, some colored pencils, a toothbrush, a stuff sock monkey, and so on.




If you look closely, you can see that I added a Christmas card into which I pasted a photo of each grandchild.  I packed the boxes up, added tracking labels, which I got online after I prepaid the $7 each suggested shipping offering.  Then drove them over to Rachel’s house because she has a connection with the local Baptist College where they are collecting the shoeboxes for delivery to North Carolina.




If I remember correctly, one year Andrew was involved with some of the Operation Christmas Child boxes–they have to be inspected to make sure no war items, liquids, or chocolate is included.

Birding This Morning

November 8, 2014

We were not overly scheduled this weekend, so we went birding this morning at our usual spot. The weather was chilly, but the sun was shining, and it really turned out to be quite lovely.

No really exotic birds, but I did see a Ladder-backed woodpecker push a Downy Woodpecker out of a mesquite tree at the south end of the park.  We waded through tall grass and got the normal stickers on the pants and found some lovely blue sage.





Who is driving that car??  Nobody.


female grackle


Eastern Bluebird


Downy Woodpecker femaleDSC05359



Eastern PhoebeDSC05371

Turkey VultureDSC05374

Vesper SparrowDSC05384

“New” Computer

November 7, 2014

You may or may not remember that I mentioned I had won a desktop computer at a raffle at the Festival of Hope. It is far from new, but not that bad since it has Windows 7. I had to install 170 Windows updates when I finally got it hooked to the internet!

How did I get hooked to the internet, you ask? Well, I spent $20 for a USB wireless adapter and it worked like a charm.



So I am quite happy to now have a computer dedicated to my Sunday School classroom.  That means I can play CDs, show DVDs, run Powerpoints, and even make up school-teacher games to review content.  (I found a cool free website called SuperTeacherTools and it lets one make matching games and other kinds of games and then saves them online.



This new computer for my SS class is especially nice if you remember that carrying my other computer to the car in the rain is how I fell and broke my ankle last April.

La Americana

November 6, 2014

Congratulations to Laura who took the oath of citizenship on November 5, 2014 in Ithaca, NY.  We weren’t able to be there to witness the event ourselves, but they sent this very nice photo.  I guess she needs to apply for a new passport now.


Ethnologue Books

November 6, 2014

We finally have books. Real printed books with hard covers. That cost a fortune, but since they are printed “on demand,” there are no inventory costs.

We also have a professional photo of them.


A young man from Ithaca, NY arrived this week to begin a 6-month internship with Gary, writing web code for the Ethnologue. He comes from “The Ethnologue Church,” as it it known around here because 3 of the editors of that book have been supported by them.  Here is Gabriel beside the Ethnologue display case which I updated earlier this week.



Display Case Caption Cards#2 copy.pdf - Adobe Reader_2014-10-02_11-32-054


Cute Kids

November 3, 2014

I never get enough grandkid photos, but I did get a couple from Halloween and that made me happy. Emma and Micah were Batkids, Isabella was Harry Potter, and I also found a photo on Facebook of grand nephew Liam dressed up like a chef.








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