Rachel’s birthday, part 3–A Second Father’s Day Post

June 17, 2018

I’m posting about Rachel’s new bed on Father’s day because this was pretty much a joint project between Rachel and her dad. I tried to stay out of the picture, at least for the early stages.  I did take photos along the way and compiled them into a Google album.  Click here to see the photos.  Click on each individual photo to see them large, and use the right arrow key to move to the next.  Some photos have comments/captions at the bottom of the photo.



Happy Father’s Day

June 17, 2018

I dug into my photo archive and came up with this–no recent photos, but you should recognize the faces.  And every last one of them is smiling!


And as promised, I got a photo of Rachel’s new haircut as she was leaving for church this morning.

Yet Another Light Fixture

June 16, 2018

Slowly our house is being refitted with LED light fixtures. This is the third one we’ve installed. It wasn’t exactly fast or easy, but we finally managed. The old one had been dead for 6 weeks. 😦

In other news, the swimming season has finally started at the Center, so Rachel and I are enjoying that. The pool opening was delayed because they had to do a bunch of repairs and resurface the pool. Rachel got a nice short haircut so that she could go swimming more easily and spend less time fixing her hair afterwards.  This past week she volunteered two days at her church’s VBS.  Pray for her as she is considering jobs to apply for.  (I’ll try to get a photo of her new haircut sometime soon…)

Happy Birthday Mr. Micah

June 14, 2018

Yesterday Micah turned 7 years old!  Wow, that was fast!  The first thing he did on his birthday was loose a tooth.

We got to video chat with them for a few minutes and see the cake that Emma decorated for him which had a big “7” on it.  Later, David sent us a video of Micah opening the box of gifts we sent which we really enjoyed.  I confess, I googled “best birthday gift for 7 year old boy” and bought one of the things they suggested: a Lego add-on book called Chain Reactions.  Micah seemed to like it and Sarah sent me a tiny video of Micah showing how his first Rube Goldberg worked.

Today Micah went out and picked strawberries from their garden–they look so yummy!  The poor boy actually has the flu and isn’t feeling so great, but it is so nice to see his smile.

Rachel’s birthday, part 2

June 10, 2018

The cake. Rachel wanted to try something we’ve been seeing on Youtube called “mirror glaze,” so we did. It was actually pretty simple, and the results were quite nice. We had a small cake already baked in the freezer, so we turned it into a birthday cake. Our friends the Noskers were here for the evening, so they celebrated with us. We found a “1” numeral and bent it over into a “7” so we made a “37.”

This glaze is made from white chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and gelatin (plus a few other things).  It is poured over a frozen cake that is covered in smooth buttercream.  Edible glitter sprinkled on top. We made a little video, less than 2 minutes, thanks to Sarah Forster for her help filming.  Click on the triangle to see the video.

Speaking of cakes, we had a somewhat rush job on Saturday, but with help from my crew, we got two lab coat cakes made by the 6pm deadline.  I never could have done them this quickly except that I had made one a few years ago when David graduated from medical school and I took good notes for myself.

Rachel’s Birthday, part 1

June 8, 2018

I do believe Rachel had a good birthday yesterday. The celebration continued today with a little party at her job and going out for dinner tonight so she could have sushi.

She got to love on baby Will and toddler Jane.

I remodeled this dress/tunic so she had something new to wear.

Andrew and family sent flowers.

My long-term friends, Bob and Patty Nosker stayed with us last night on their travels from Grand Rapids to San Antonio, so they helped us celebrate too.  I’ve known them for about 50 years!

Pray for Baby David

June 7, 2018

This baby has a big test coming up on Saturday, the oral portion of the Board certification for ophthalmology. Here is what he has to look forward to, copied from this webpage.

The Oral Examination is an in-person, timed evaluation in which candidates are presented with a series of Patient Management Problems (PMPs) and asked to identify how they would care for that patient. The entire assessment takes one half-day to complete and is divided into six 25-minute “mini-examinations” focused on specific topic areas.
The six major examination topic areas are:

Anterior Segment of the Eye
External Eye and Adnexa
Neuro-Ophthalmology and Orbit
Optics, Visual Physiology and Correction of Refractive Errors
Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus;
Posterior Segment of the Eye

As I understand it, David will fly to San Francisco on Friday night, sleep in a very expensive hotel that night, take his exam at that same hotel on Saturday afternoon, then fly back to Portland.

Some of you reading this will remember that today is Rachel’s birthday.  We had a little celebration, she had a nice day, and I will post those details later.  But at the moment, I am asking prayer for David and his big exam.

Never Too Late to Write a Thank You Note

June 5, 2018

A few days ago a close friend brought me a handwritten note to thank me for taking her out for lunch. She also brought another card with her which had my name on it. She said she found it while cleaning up her house. Turns out it was a thank you note for a Christmas gift–we just don’t know which Christmas! 🙂

Please Write Back

June 3, 2018

This grandma was so happy to get a real letter in the mail from a real grandchild! That just made my ordinary day turn into a good day.

Here is our latest cake, for the 40th anniversary of a couple in our choir.  This turned out quite nice and I think I didn’t charge enough for it!  But since it was for friends, I don’t feel too bad about that.

There have been a lot of cakes the last two months and I was just thinking I’d have a cake break, but then I remember a certain daughter of ours is having a birthday this Thursday. Speaking of cakes, here is what happens to one’s cake if left in the car in May in Texas!  You can still see the white sprinkles!

Final Exam for Rachel’s 3-year-olds

June 1, 2018

A week ago Rachel’s boss from job #2 laid her off for the summer–not enough kids in the program to need her to teach.  Rachel was not surprised, but she was a little sad, because she has enjoyed being in charge of her own class and has grown very fond of her 5 students.  Likewise, they have grown very fond of their teacher.  Anyway, yesterday was their last day together, so Rachel (and I) prepared a final exam.  Each kid had to choose the mini cupcake that had the letter of their first name.  They all passed the test!

She got some very nice farewell gifts from the kids’ parents too.  She now will concentrate of her M, W, F job where she has already been asked to pick up a few more hours on T, Th.  In other Rachel news, she got a pool pass from the homeowners association where she rents out her house, and they said she (and us) can use the pool as well as the renters in her house.  That sounds like good news to me since it is going to hit 100 degrees tomorrow and the SIL pool is out of service while being repaired.