March 30, 2015

Spring is here in Texas and my grandbaby-honoring trees are starting to leaf out.

First there is Isabella’s Elm:


Then there is Micah’s Oak:


Then there is Emma’s Ash:


And speaking of growing, Auntie Carol is celebrating a birthday tomorrow and we had a little coffee break party a day early.


She also asked me to make some cupcakes which she will take to share with her rehab taskmasters tomrrow when she goes for her session.

From Bad to Worse

March 23, 2015

They say that for some folks, trouble comes in threes. I think for Rachel it just keeps on coming. Besides all the other bad things, on Friday there was the $3000+ blocked sewer:





Then today, she got in a single-car mishap impaling her low Scion onto a streetlight fixture in the middle of a left-turn median. The car is now at the shop waiting for an estimate. We know it at least needs a new oil pan as the pan was broken and all oil spilled out on the street (they soaked it up with kitty litter). At least a nice police lady drove by and saw her predicament and called a wrecker. Rachel just had lunch with her friend and watched out the restaurant window until the wrecker came. We came running when she called and ended up having lunch at Taco Bueno, so, not all was bad! :-)






Please keep praying for Rachel.

Catching Up with the Youngins

March 15, 2015

I haven’t taken time to post here for a while. So let’s start with photos from Teresa’s side. The good news is that little baby Zoe is supposed to be on her way home from the hospital after a 64 day stay to grow. Here are some photos from the recent past:






I’ve snagged a few photos of Micah and Emma recently:



And here is a cutie video of Emma learning to count and jump.

Now it seems that I do not have any recent photos of Isabella to pass on. I know she got a haircut not too long ago, but I can’t seem to find any photos. I guess they are still digging out from too much snow this past winter. Maybe mom or dad could send some to me soon. :-)

HB to Gary–Belated Edition

March 7, 2015

n.b. I made this blog for Gary’s birthday, but apparently forgot to push the Publish button. Better late than never.
After two days of ice, we got a morning of snow. (It melted in the afternoon.)




The bad weather postponed our Ethnologue party, originally scheduled for Monday but finally occurring today.




I got up and baked a cake for Gary before going to work, but had no time to decorate it. So he had a simple H(appy) B(irthday) cake. We managed to go out to El Mana for dinner then we took the last piece of cake to Auntie Carol up at the hospital where she is recovering from hip replacement surgery.


Visiting the Living and the Dead

March 1, 2015

Long day today. It was a chore to get out the door to church this morning since I knew I wouldn’t be back home for at least 10 hours. Then when I got to church, no kids showed up for Sunday School (so I guess my lesson for next week is ready early!).

After lunch we went to Grace Presbyterian Village to see Carol who is there for a time of rehab after her hip replacement. We had a bit of a time getting in since we didn’t know we needed a code to open the door. After wandering around in the cold rain, we found an employee who let us in. We brought flowers to Carol, well sorta. We brought her flowers that were given to her by others–we had just taken them home the day she left the hospital. She seems to be doing well and went with us to visit other folks there.

We found Florence, and had a nice little visit with her:

Then we found Evelyn Pike who was celebrating her 100th birthday this very day! That was fun, and we got to see Lars and his beautiful family then too.



Then we headed off to a funeral home in Richardson to attend the visitation for our friend Shirley Collier. Some of you may remember her from our Kimball Free Methodist days or more recently when we visited them in their church in Vermont about 18 months ago. Shirley never recovered from surgery about a year ago. Her funeral will be Tuesday.


The good thing about funerals and visitations is that one gets to see mutual friends that otherwise stay hidden too long.

After that it was a 45 minute drive to Denton to drop Gary off for 4 days of work meetings. We stopped along the way for coffee break, then I drove the hour home and made it just before 7pm. It has been a cold, drizzly day, but the temps have been above freezing. Almost all the ice and snow from last week has melted.

It Has Been an Odd Day

February 24, 2015

We knew last night that the Center would be closed today for the second day in a row due to our annual ice storm. My plan was to work on the taxes today

Instead, the day went something like this.

Phone call at 5:04am. Auntie Carol wondering where her ride to the hospital was. She told us to go back to bed and she would call again if needed. She didn’t call back, but we couldn’t really get back to sleep.

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone in the morning talking about Carol getting where she needed to be and others of us helping out in various ways. Somewhere along the morning I talked to Rachel about a possible job she is considering.

I got email saying a friend had passed away.

At 11 am, Gary and I decided to scrape the ice off the car and drive to Carol’s house to collect her suitcase. We managed to do so, driving very slowly, without incident. We parked the car down the road a ways and took this video while walking home.

I made some soup for lunch.

More talking to folks about various things and then I went to Rachel’s house to help her with a couple things. My hands are now purple from refilling her printer cartridges. She gave me back all the cake stuff she borrowed last weekend.

I got an email saying the US State department asking me to remove a certain Facebook post I had put up! Well, they weren’t contacting me directly, but were doing so via a third party. We could still pray for a certain abducted 70 year old, we just couldn’t mention it on social media!

I went to the hospital to visit Carol. She got thru her surgery without incident, though it took a bit longer than expected. I felt just a tad intimidated by all the wires and tubes she was hooked up to, and then when I tried to chat with her, the meds took over and she fell asleep. I’ll probably try again tomorrow.

Gary spent his day writing a couple reviews, one of which he is supposed to even get paid for (50 euros).

We might get even more bad weather tonight, but I expect we will be able to go to work.

Ethnologue 18th edition has Hit the Internet!

February 22, 2015

Ethnologue - Google Chrome_2015-02-22_13-39-31

Yesterday was International Mother Language Day and we celebrated by pushing Ethnologue 18 live to the website. The process is a very complicated one, involving many people on the team, but this roll out went much smoother than last year.

We hope the process for getting books ready to print-on-demand will be completed soon as well.

Tomorrow we’re going to order Mr. Jim’s Pizza for the team for lunch. Yes, we really know how to party around here.

Update on Sunday

February 22, 2015

We’re having some cold rainy weather at the moment. Yesterday was warm while Gary mowed the lawn for the second time already this year, and tomorrow they are predicting ice pellets. Ya got to be ready for everything around here.

Yesterday David posted a cute little video of Micah and Emma at the McDonald’s playground. Notice how Emma asks for a hand, then decides she can do it herself. I miss those kids!

No real news about Rachel’s job hunt. She has filled out two applications so far, and she has found some ways to economize. I’m hoping to do her income taxes this week and we hope she will be in line for a refund. Please keep praying for God to provide for her.

The repainting and recarpeting is finished in our offices at work, but no, we haven’t gotten moved back in yet. Gary was so busy FINISHING the Ethnologue. Yes, it is finished. Well, the 18th edition is finished, anyway, and they’re already making changes for the 19th. This week we will work on getting moved back in and try our best to do some cleaning/sorting/throwing away in the process.

Some of you reading this post know Auntie Carol Orwig. She is having a hip replaced on Tuesday and would appreciate our prayers. I plan to spend time with her in the afternoon after her surgery; other friends are taking her to the hospital at 5am. We’re hoping we don’t have icy roads that morning.

Valentine’s Weekend

February 15, 2015

We went on a date to the Ft. Worth Symphony Saturday night with tickets courtesy of friends who were busy babysitting that evening. Lots of fun. I especially liked the classical guitar and orchestra piece, featuring Pablo Sainz Villegas. We also heard Strauss’s Die Fledermaus and Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. We took a selfie just before leaving with my new phone–not that great a photo, but you get the idea.


In other news, at the office we are trying to finish the next edition of the Ethnologue in the midst of having to vacate our office suite.



We’ve found a temporary place else to sit for 3 weeks while they repaint and recarpet.


Baby Update

February 12, 2015

I stole this photo from Facebook. It seems our baby Zoe is growing nicely!


And Micah is learning to write his name! Doesn’t he look proud of himself? (And doesn’t that child look just like David??)


And my baby went to the symphony with her daddy last Saturday. The Dallas Symphony was playing at Shine Hall at our own DHS.



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