MK Wedding

February 8, 2016

I got a call from the mother of the bride this morning telling me they loved my latest wedding cake and would return my carriers today. Nice to hear that they all liked both the taste and the looks.

I also learned that the bride’s dress was made out of–drumroll!–coffee filters. What I cool and crazy idea, I thought, and how original. Well, turns out–not so original. There are dozens of photos of them on the internet, including one worn by Lady Gaga. Anyway, here’s a photo of our MK bride and groom:


In less exciting news, today I went to Rachel’s house (that is, the one she owns but not the one she lives in) to fix a plumbing problem.  You know it was a simple one since it only took one trip to Home Depot and cost only $10 to fix.

Update After the Superbowl

February 7, 2016

Well, I’m not that much into football, but I was happy to see the old guy win. We had a small party with a couple colleagues who brought food. We also ate cookies that Rachel and I made yesterday.

Speaking of baking, we did another wedding cake last week for a wedding yesterday. I made a gumpaste sunflower using a technique I learned from Youtube and also using the coloring chalks that David and Sarah got me for Christmas a few years ago.  I got a generous donation for this one, so I’m sharing with Rachel to put into her computer repair fund.

1-Cake Hesse Eaton MK wedding-001

Speaking of David and Sarah, I’m hoping to make some progress on getting the new Emma portraits framed this week. I might not be able to afford to do all of them this month, but I hope to at least get theirs and the original done soon.  The more I look at the painting, the more I like it.  And it makes me miss her!

We had a nice chat with Andrew this week as he was traveling home from Georgia where he had interviewed for his second of three job interviews. I think tomorrow he is off to NYC for the last of the scheduled interviews.

Gary has been so, so busy trying to get the next edition of the Ethnologue out in time for International Mother Language Day on Feb 21. I’m trying to do my part as the official bibliographer.

I ran out to the park after lunch for a couple hours of walking in the beautiful weather before the Superbowl party. Not too many birds, but I did find a cooperative Vesper Sparrow.


Lastly, three odd things from last week:

  1. Rachel ran into someone she had met briefly over 10 years ago and they pronounced:  “I’m going to pray that a fiance will come and snatch you out of your parents’ house.” (!!)
  2. Gary was given a 1934 Indian Head nickel in change at Starbucks.
  3. The bank deposited (accidentally) $14,000 into Rachel’s bank account.  Yes, we immediately caught the problem and they fixed it.

Now, back to our normal life…

#82 Pine Warbler and Other News

February 3, 2016

Not a lifer, but I got a new species for the back yard, and photos too.





In other news, Andrew called us from the Krang tunnel today and gave us a report about his job interview at University of Georgia earlier this week.  That is the second out of three on-site interviews he is doing.  The one next week is in NYC at Fordham University.  On Saturday he sent this cute photo of him and Bella on the hockey rink:


In still other news, our church choir had a good rehearsal tonight singing Gary’s newest anthem.  It will be debuted on Valentine’s Sunday.  It is very a very nice, if somewhat difficult, arrangement of Oh, Love that Will Not Let Me Go, a song for blind bachelors.  Read the interesting backstory here.  I’m sorry none of you will be able to hear it.

Did you know that today is National Carrot Cake day??  Well, Rachel and I have been celebrating all week.  Today we baked carrot cake number 4 of 5 that we’re doing for a wedding on Saturday.



Bible Drama

January 31, 2016

Can you figure out what story we’ve been studying in our SS class? We printed these photos, added the verses, and made a bulletin board, too.  Hint:  the story comes from Acts.








More Birds

January 28, 2016

Not too much to report on here. Rachel did get three more grandma-sitting jobs. She’s saving up her earnings so she can take her computer to get fixed as it died some weeks ago.

Today was a beautiful day and I went to the state park. January is a good month for birds. The lake level has gone down about 18 inches, but there was not a duck in sight. Some of these photos are the back yard and some are at the state park.  I saw the “rare” Ladder-backed Woodpecker again, so that was nice, but didn’t get a photo.









Another Week, Another Cake

January 24, 2016

Rachel and I made another cake this week, a 50th anniversary cake for parent of a friend of hers. Getting the gold (or silver) on a cake is a little tricky, but this was the result, and I was reasonably happy with it. The layers were filled with whipped ganache.


I’m not feeling so great from the antibiotics I’m taking. I have an unpleasant feeling in my esophagus, a little like heartburn. Too early to tell if they are helping the abscess or not.

January is always a good month for birdwatching in the back yard. Twenty different species showed up this weekend, and one of them was a first for our backyard: Eastern Bluebird. This photo isn’t that great, but if you look hard, you can tell that the bird on the right is an Eastern Bluebird.  Pine Siskin and Goldfinch are the other two.  That brought my backyard life list up to 81!


The anthem arrangement Gary has been working on is completed, and he spoke to the pastor and choir director today about it and the plan is our choir will sing it on Feb. 14:  O Love that will not Let Me Go.  I wish you all could hear it.

In other news, Andrew just texted me from the Krang Tunnel (aka the underground tunnel in the Detroit airport) saying he was on his way to Oakland, CA for an interview at a place called Mathematica.

Health Report

January 21, 2016

Gary and I had our not-so-annual physicals this week. Gary had a good report. In fact, she said he was in “excellent health.” She isn’t counting the skin cancer or Stargart’s disease, or that his ears are full of wax!

As for me, she did say “You don’t look 62” but I bet she says that to all her patients. She said I was in “good health” but she wasn’t counting the fact I’m getting cataracts and almost–but not quite–have diabetes.

I also went to the endodontist and the news there was not as bad as I had feared. She said there were three possible explanations for my abscessed tooth, but that a “failed root canal” was not likely one of them. So she prescribed a week oral of antibiotics (with each dose to be preceded by a probiotic–does that mean they will cancel out to just be a biotic??) and also antibiotic mouthwash. If this treatment fails, the next step is a “deep cleaning” where they scrub out the gum and if that fails, then extraction.

Play It Again

January 18, 2016

Today was a work holiday. But I had forgotten that fact when I scheduled fasting blood tests for 8am, so there was no sleeping in for us. Good thing I’m not queasy with the blood letting because it took the poor phlebotomist about 6 times moving the needle around in my right arm before she gave up and tried the left arm. Wait–she’s not the poor one here–I am! At least we treated ourselves to Egg McMuffins on the way home.

DSC09408Then Rachel (shown here in her favorite new jacket that she wears day and night) and I went to her dr. appointment, only to be told that her new insurance plan (same company) is not accepted by her doctor. We were also told they don’t take medicare which we have applied for. We walked out without seeing the dr. or getting her prescription renewed.  :-(  So, looks like Rachel is out of luck and will have to look for another doctor and I will have to keep playing Dr. Mom to get the infection out of her ingrown toenail (I’m making her soak it and putting antibiotic ointment on it).

Other health news is that I contacted an endodontist for a root canal do-over. Ugh. I’ve had an abscess on my back tooth for 6 weeks. I kept hoping it would just go away…

Gary and I have our almost-annual physicals this week.  I should have scheduled them before the holidays…

In other news, my Aunt Shirley passed away yesterday, one of my dad’s sisters. My cousin Laurie was her main caretaker and the two of them have had a fairly hard life. She died of liver cancer.

Gary did some work today, I think, but he has also been playing with his updated Finale software. That’s the software that hooks his digital piano to his computer. He is busy arranging us a new choir anthem, I believe.

I got so many compliments (on Facebook) on my wedding cake that I got 3 new cake orders yesterday! Now I use the word “orders” lightly, since I don’t really have a business and I don’t charge for my cakes, just take donations. :-) I’m trying to get Rachel to help me more and more so then I can give half of the donations to her.

Saturday Catch Up: Birds and Cake

January 16, 2016

There are always lots of backyard birds in January:









The birds go thru seed really quickly this time of year. Good thing my second hobby pays for the first one! We safely delivered this 19 lb carrot cake to the reception venue in Duncanville at 1pm.


In other news, Rachel had a “grandma sitting” opportunity this week–we’re grateful for any and all work opportunities she finds.

Andrew/Laura and David/Sarah Had Christmas

January 8, 2016

I put together all the Christmas photos I was sent from the boys’ families so we could see what they did for the holidays. David and Sarah did their usual trip to Leavenworth a few days before Christmas and Andrew and Laura had a California coast Christmas vacation.  The first half of the album is David’s family and the second half is Andrew’s family.  I’m having a problem with getting this to display correctly, so just click on the link to go to the album:

Andrew put together an online photo album of their trip up the California coast.  It is kinda long, but fun to see.



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