MLK Day and Finishing Christmas

January 16, 2017

January 14 seems too early to have a day off work, but we’ll take it!

First thing we did this morning was notice how much better my shoulder is feeling. I find that rather amazing because on Friday the pain was pretty much unbearable. Today it still hurts, but only when I get it in certain positions, rather than just constantly throbbing like it did on Friday and Saturday. I’m doing gentle movements and will try not to to reach backwards so as to re-aggravate it until it is really healed.


Next thing we did was read Christmas mail. We got so much of it during the holidays I couldn’t keep up, so I saved it all in a folder and I’m reading it out loud to Gary now that things have quieted down. I left up the Christmas card display so I could enjoy these visual reminders of how many nice friends we have.

We went to Taco Cabana for lunch, then did errands at Home Depot and Target. After returning home I hung three sets of curtains on Rachel’s side, including turning a Thai skirt into new bathroom curtains! Then I installed a bathroom caddy and changed lightbulbs in Rachel’s bathroom. Gary figured out how to get the wireless signal to work better on Rachel’s end and I revived Gary’s old stereo system so he can listen to his classical music CDs again. So we got a few things done around the house and that always feels good.

Health Update and Regular Update

January 15, 2017

Well, Rachel’s pollen allergies are somewhat better, but not completely gone.

We hear from NY that Bella and Scarlet are sick. Who is Scarlet? you may ask–she is their new dog. A Dachshund who is kinda cute. Except when she has diarrhea during the night. After Bella had vomiting all morning. Let’s hope they both get to feeling better soon.


The next person on the DL is me. I have a problem with the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. I think I wrecked it Thursday afternoon when I was getting a heavy bag from high in Rachel’s closet. It started hurting Thursday night so I couldn’t sleep, and by Friday morning was was in a lot of pain. Fortunately for me, I already had a dr. appointment at our clinic scheduled for Friday for a different reason so while there I saw the regular doctor too and she called it tendonitis of the infraspinatus, one of the muscles that connects to the rotator cuff. She gave me a prescription for pain (Tramadol), but it did not even work and it did make me vomit–ugh. I switched to Advil. I’m supposed to keep my arm in a sling for 3 days and then slowly start moving it again. I never knew just how useful shoulders were until I tried to do things like wash my hair, put on underwear, or pull up my own pants!–I’m helpless and wincing in pain!

In other news, David has a job!  At least he will have next August or so.  I don’t know the name of the place, but I do know that it is near the building where Sarah works part of the time.  Congratulations to him!

In spite of my shoulder injury, I finished a cake on Saturday.  Fortunately for me, Gary and Rachel were on hand to help and a lot of the work had already been done by the time I hurt myself.


I tallied up my cake earnings for 2016 and I made over $1200.00 (gross).  That means after I pay for my expenses, I can pay Rachel and myself $.50/hr for our time!!    At least I kinda do it for the fun, and Rachel is learning how to help, so it is all good.

Cedar Fever

January 12, 2017

No, it isn’t really a fever, but that’s what the locals call an allergy to juniper. Except they don’t call it juniper either, they call it Mountain Cedar. We have lots of it around here, and this is the time of year that it gives off its pollen. It doesn’t bother me or Gary, but Rachel is feeling it. Here’s a map I stole from to prove what I’m talking about:



Now to figure out if any of the OTC allergy meds will help her.

Happy Birthday, Andrew

January 11, 2017

Today was Andrew’s birthday–did everybody remember? Rachel and I had lunch at Subway to celebrate. 🙂  Then we came home and baked a cake, but not for him–sorry Andrew.

David, apparently, was snowbound at home today with his kids and they made the best of a snowstorm. I hope they didn’t try to ski down that steep hill they live on.



Motherless Child

January 8, 2017

I’m glad my Sunday School kids don’t read this blog because then they’d know how often I use them for subject matter. Today we gathered for class and did our usual little chit-chat to start off. I asked about getting back to school, how did that go, and somehow one child started talking about a kid at his school whom he really disliked, blah, blah. I jumped in and said but we should be kind even if we don’t like the person, blah, blah. Then he said, “My mom just dumped me at my grannie’s house and I haven’t see her for 3 years.” Yikes.

Then another child said, “Well, how do you think we feel? We haven’t seen our mom for 3 years either (the “we” referring to herself and her two brothers, all in my class.) The first child says, “Your mom is here at church.” At which time I jumped in and explained that these 3 kids were adopted a few years ago. Then I went on and asked the three, “But I thought you got to have visits with your mom?” and they told me, “Our mom has to schedule them and she hasn’t scheduled them for three years.” Yikes again.

Then as I was sitting in choir, feeling neither well nor good, I heard the reader mention orphans who have been abandoned just as I cast my eye upon yet another young child, and I remembered her mother committed suicide.

Wow, thank God our church is full of capable substitute mothers.

These thoughts are swirling in my head as Rachel and I prepare to drive to a funeral where we grieve with three more motherless children.

Added later:


The Collection is Growing

January 7, 2017


Thank you, Andrew, for this Christmas gift. Not sure I’ll read it, but it looks good on the shelf!

In other news, we had some snow and some cold to to with it.



And in still other news, Gary is in Austin at the LSA annual meeting. His hotel bill will exceed $700, but he bought a bus ticket home for $11 (Monday evening).

Vacation is Ending

January 2, 2017

We have been working like crazy around here for the last three days. We have rearranged 7 rooms in our house and it was a lot like solving a “15 puzzle” where there is only one empty spot and you have to shift all the pieces around to get them in the right order.

The end result is that now Rachel has moved into the smaller bedroom in the apartment; the larger apartment bedroom has two twins in it for visitors or short stay renters; the loft is in the former piano room and is stacked high as our storage unit with the other side being the new craft room; the living room can now be a place to sit and visit; Rachel’s old room is now the TV room; and “the hole” is somewhat less congested so one can now actually walk thru it.

This meant two more carloads of stuff to the boutique, and in a day or two a truckload of stuff to the Wyco warehouse. We continue to try to pare things down, but it still seems like we have a lot of stuff.


In other news, Gary planted our little live Christmas tree. Lucky for him, the hole was already there from last season when he delayed planting the 2015 tree so long that it died. See in the background how large one grew from a previous year.

Sustaining Language Use

December 30, 2016

With all the holiday stuff going on, I think I forgot to mention that Gary’s latest book has finally been published. It is available on Amazon:

He is second author with M. Paul Lewis whose name should be familiar to you as he is one of the three Ethnologue editors.  Or, at lest he was.  He retires tomorrow, and we attended a party at his house this afternoon to celebrate.  I baked a retirement cake that looked like his actual work calendar:



Enjoying My (Friends’) Grandkids

December 27, 2016

We’ve enjoyed visiting close family friends yesterday and today who have their kids and grandkids visiting. These children know a grandma when they see one. (And there is one sweet Baby Jane missing from the second photo.)



Other accomplishments for the day: emptying out and closing down the storage unit and making turkey soup from the Christmas day leftovers.  Tomorrow’s plan:  go see Rogue One with some of our Christmas money.  Of course, being who we are, we are getting up early to go to the very earliest showing so that we get Early Bird Prices.

Christmas 2016

December 25, 2016

Nice day today. I made a trip to DFW then spent most of the rest of the day cooking, eating, cleaning up from cooking and eating. Lots of good food: turkey, stuffing, roasted veggies, Chinese green beans, fruit salad, homemade rolls, cranberry sauce, shrimp cocktail, pies.

We talked to David and family and Andrew and family on Hangouts and Skype.

Opened lots of nice gifts.

See Google photo album here.

And remembered that 41 years ago we were getting married: