Trip to the State Fair

October 8, 2015
15-10-08 The Great State Fair of Texas

Gary took half a day off work and we went to the Fair for free.  Free for old people on Thursdays, and Rachel got a discount too with a coke bottle.  It was hot, but there were air-conditioned buildings to cool off in.  All went well until Rachel nearly passed out from a coughing fit at the end. Click on photo above then use  the slide show mode to see the captions.

A Little Better

October 3, 2015

…but still coughing like crazy.  And still tired.

Friday the weather finally cooled down enough to actually go outside and feel comfortable. We went for a walk at the nearby Nature Center since the State park is STILL closed for repairs from all the May flooding.  There are a few fall wildflowers to see.  Hardly any birds.











Sick, Sick, and Still Sick–Probably the Flu

September 29, 2015

Our household isn’t feeling very well. First Rachel started coughing on Labor Day, and she hasn’t stopped since. (We took her back to the dr. and took her off her newest medication.)

Then last Friday Gary got sick and I sent him home from work. He slept a lot the next two days. Now he feels better but he’s still congested and coughing a little.

Then Sunday I felt fine teaching Sunday School but halfway through the Cowboys’ game my throat started hurting and it went from bad to worse. My fever yesterday was 101.6 and today it is 101. In spite of feeling horrible I drove Rachel to her morning trainings downtown. I stayed out in the car in order to heed the dire warnings they put up all over the hospital with the sanitizing gel dispensers. I just parked in a corner and tried to sleep (but if you know me, I can never all asleep during the daylight hours, even when I feel this bad.)

Gary has 115 unread emails in his inbox (that’s after I deleted all the spam) so we are feeling very behind. Prayers appreciated for us to all start feeling better.

A Gift in the Mail

September 27, 2015

This is what it looks like when the Chief Research Officer gets a package in the office mail.



I keep threatening to write a book called “Only At My Place of Work” and this item could be included in the outhouse chapter.

In other news, we’re kinda sick.  Rachel has been coughing a head-rattling cough for weeks–keeps me awake through two shut doors!  Benedryl, albuterol, and Vicks are all needed on her so I can get some sleep!  It started a week after she began some new medication.  She’s now off that, but then Gary got sick last Friday with malaise, headache, sore throat, runny nose, etc. so I sent him home to bed.  Now today I feel like I’m getting it.  All that to say, maybe it wasn’t Rachel’s medication? Maybe she was the first one sick?  But she’s off the medication now and we all feel like we need a vacation instead of facing the last days of the fiscal year with a bunch of looming deadlines.

It is still hot, hot here and I’m getting kinda tired of it.  They are promising it will get below 85 by next Saturday.

Oscar the Grouch Cupcakes

September 24, 2015

for the OSCAR workshop. As far as I could tell, no one was grouchy.  (OSCAR is an acronym for Online System for Collaboration And Research, which is what they named the online Ethnologue editing environment.)




No Time to Write, But Cute Photos

September 20, 2015

I’m just a little too busy these days. On top of the usual, I’ve been baking goodies for coffee breaks at an Ethnologue workshop happening for 3 days this week.

But I love these recent photos:





I miss those grandbabies so much!

OK, got to run.   Gary’s flight is arriving early.  Or at least that is what the website said.


Kimball Reunion

September 12, 2015

We attended Kimball Free Methodist church during the years our kids were growing up and made many life-long friends while we were there. Today they organized a reunion of folks who attended there or its predecessor Beacon church. It was great to see folks and sorry we missed a few others.  David and Andrew, many folks asked about you.












International Literacy Day

September 8, 2015

Today was International Literacy Day, and, as you know, that is a big deal in our line of work. People need to be able to read, you know.

SIL International was especially celebrating the fact that we won the top prize for a competition to write software that helps to create books in the languages of the world. That was a way oversimplification of what Bloom is, so read more about it here.

I was commissioned to make a cake for today’s celebration and I was happy with the way it turned out. I got a lot of help from Rachel, so I’m splitting the donation for this cake with her.





11986339_10153170174800922_4673747087607778378_n (1)

This last photo was stolen from Del Archer’s Facebook page, since I myself was unable to attend the festivities.

Will Labor for BBQ

September 7, 2015

We started early this Labor Day morning: cleaning the shelves, soaking the wood chips, cutting the slabs of meat in half. We really didn’t know what we were doing, but after getting a few clues from YouTube videos, we decided to give it a try.


Baby back ribs, chicken legs, spare ribs


apple wood chips soaked in water


trying to make it all fit


Yes, it is smoking, once we got the temperature regulated.  Now wait about 5-6 hours, with occasional trips outside to empty the grease drippings tray.


The blue bowl contains smoked mushrooms marinated in meat drippings!

Auntie Carol, just back from England, joined us for a late lunch and it tasted, if I do say so myself, not half bad.  Carol brought potato salad and Rachel and I made slaw, fruit salad, and that lime jello-pineapple-carrot salad that my dad used to like.

Later I deboned, degristled, and defatted the spare ribs and now we have packages of pulled pork for sandwiches or salads in the upcoming weeks.

Now I need to rest a little (Gary is asleep while “watching” golf) and then I’ve got to put a cake order together for delivery early tomorrow morning.

Hope for the Hopeless

September 6, 2015

Baby Hope came and visited us this afternoon. She is a little miracle, that’s all there is to it. She is disabled in a number of ways, but that didn’t seem to stop her playing a game of pulling Rachel’s glasses off and then laughing–over and over and over again. She also said a few words, and that was fun too.





In other news, I got a freezer this week.  It has a small footprint and will fit in the space where the unused high chair used to be in the laundry room (high chair has been donated to Janet).  I’ve wanted a freezer for some time, especially when I’m trying to make cakes.  This one was half price, and probably isn’t that great of quality, but I hope it will last a few years.  I have a cake order due early Tuesday morning, so I’m already getting good use of it.


Tomorrow is a holiday and we’re going to give our “new” smoker a try.  It was donated to us from the previous renter.  Photos tomorrow if we figure out how to work it.


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