A Bit of Drama Today

Today turned out just a bit different than I was planning. I had barely gotten to work this morning when I got a call from our center clinic–would I come pick up Rachel and take her to the ER? I walked home and got the car and went to the clinic. When I walked it there were two doctors, four nurses, and a pile of patients all standing around poor Rachel who was lying on the floor.

Rachel had gone to our clinic to have her yellow fever immunization (normally she is too old for services at our clinic, but the yellow fever thing is a bit different, so they let her come). After the injection she rested a bit and then went out to pay her bill and halfway through signing her name she fainted and fell hard on the floor of the clinic lobby, hitting her head. When she came to she had a bad headache and started vomiting and couldn’t really remember what had happened, so they wanted her to have a CT scan to make sure there was no bleeding in her head.

Our center doctor had a good idea. He sent us to an ER in Mansfield, a town some ways southwest of here because the ER at the nearer hospital has a reputation for making people wait for hours. It turned out to be a good decision–there was no waiting line and they got to her right away.

She ended up having blood and urine tests, an EKG and a CT scan, but everything turned out negative. She still has a headache, and she’s sleeping at our house tonight as a precaution, but we think she’s going to be OK.


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