Memorial Day Weekend

1988 Wendi Kara Teresa
I believe this photo was taken in 1988. Now that little girl has her own little boy!

We are having a low-key weekend, but we do plan on having a few friends over for grilling burgers on Monday evening, including Gary’s current two M.A. students. He is having a challenge to review and comment on all the pages they are writing. We invited Rachel to join us, but it looks like she has a better offer.

Today Rachel and I made a rushed trip to the Parks Mall to have early lunch and do a tiny bit of shopping. Gary ended up the winner–he stayed home but I bought him a new pair of navy dockers. I gave them to him on the condition that he couldn’t wear the ratty faded ones in public any longer.

Andrew will be traveling in country for this coming week. A good friend from his Harvard Days (who was also in their wedding) has come to do a baseline survey of some of the work Andrew is involved in.

In other news, Rachel had a day off work this week so she spent it getting a new driver’s license and having lunch with a friend. Then her car quit on her again, had to be towed to the garage, and the starter replaced. She really should get a new car, but for as little as she drives, she would rather buy a new house than a new car!

Gary spent quite a bit of time last week setting up his new computer. The job isn’t entirely finished, but almost. I’ll be glad to get rid of that 70 lb 21″ CRT monitor he’s used for several years. The 24″ flat panels are so much nicer, clearer, and waaaay smaller.

It looks like Gary may be getting a new title–don’t know if that means a new job or not. Stay tuned.

The Ethnologue 16 books have just arrived from the printers and will soon be for sale. They look great! I have a newsletter ready to send out, but have been waiting for the unveiling of the new Ethnologue before I send it.

We still haven’t turned on the A/C–only 9 more days until it is June!

OK, I guess that is the news for now. I’ll return to cleaning off my desk, doing laundry, and putting a jigsaw puzzle together while Gary pulls weeks from his wildflower garden.


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