Last night’s storms seem to have brought us a new visitor in the back yard. At one point the rabbit jumped at one of the cardinals–I guess he felt like the bird was getting too close. The bird moved about 4 inches and then ignored the rabbit.
Speaking of birds, I bought myself this new bird feeder. It is kind of cheesy, but I’m experimenting with different sized feeders hanging from it. I put out thistle seed for the goldfinches, but they never showed up. So now I’m trying for the hummingbirds.

The Rangers’ game we were going to attend last night was postponed due to the storm. The sky is still gray, so I don’t know if we are in for more rain or not.

The word from Ethiopia today is that Isabella has come down with chicken pox! And Andrew is still in Uganda so Laura is having to deal with this by herself.

I’ve been in daily communication with my mom, but there is not much news to report about Duane. Your prayers are appreciated.


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