Lions, Elephants, and Cheetahs

Andrew and Laura were able to go on a short safari after their meetings. Here is a quote from an email I got at midnight last night:

Our safari was very fun. The first night there were thirty people there and the second night we were the only people there. You are right out in the middle of the wilderness. Laura couldn’t sleep with all the elephants and other animals making noises all night. The guide told us the next morning that a lion was making noises the night before so maybe that is what kept Laura up. We saw lots of animals, but the place was more dry than we expected. I got some cool photos of lions and cheetahs. We also saw lots of elephants as this park has 12,000 of them. We saw gazelles, giraffes, zebras, water buffaloes, ostrich, warthogs, and lots of other cool stuff. It was fun, but nice to be getting back to somewhere with internet and running water (even though the safari camp was very nice it had glorified bucket showers, sort of)

Wow, I’d like to do that sometime.


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