Quick Hello from Ethiopia

I am at my son’s office this afternoon for one hour where we have “high” speed internet–slightly better than dial up! I can’t upload any of my photos, so I’m just posting to say that we are all having a great time. The cold weather we were warned about turned out not to be that cold, and the rain only seems to come at night.

Andrew and Laura live in a nice large house but the roads to get to it are nearly impassable–they have a tall SUV kind of vehicle with 4 wheel drive when necessary. The power is on only every other day, so that makes things interesting too, but they are good sports about the inconveniences and seem to like life here.

We had a 3-day vacation to a lovely resort area. Again, the drive to get there was a challenge, but the time there was so nice and relaxing. It was on a lake and I got to do a bunch of birdwatching. I think I’ve found 65 new birds already!

Rachel likes it here too–she’s been to the salon twice to have her hair done!

We had a lovely birthday party for Isabella–photos to follow. She is everyone’s friend, as long as mommy is holding her! And she is a chatterbox in three languages.

The only thing sad is that I missed my brother’s funeral. He passed away less than a week after I left Michigan–I’m so glad I went to visit when I did. But it was sad not to be there with the rest of family and friends.

OK, I’ll be posting more when we get back.


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