New Dishwasher

Something else to be thankful for–a new dishwasher. Saturday morning I discovered that the load of dishes I had set to wash when I went to bed was dead in the water, so to speak. The dishwasher had died mid-cycle (I guess it got tired after doing 3 loads in one day). Just what I needed to deal with on the day of Rachel’s open house!

David and I managed to dislodge it from its drain and inlet hot water feed, and he and Gary dragged it out to the curb for Big Trash pickup. I was not too happy to learn that the dishwasher had no water shut off of its own, so now that meant that not only did I have no dishwasher in the kitchen, I also had no hot water.

I finished my food preparation and sent David and Sarah out to the store for the last few things we needed for the open house. Then Gary and I drove to Rachel’s and had a lovely time (see previous post). We got home several hours later and I immediately started in on cleaning up the kitchen. Six minutes later I noticed the blue bow on the dishwasher and only then realized that this was a new dishwasher! David and Sarah had managed to go buy a new one before the open house and then install it afterwords, and I was none the wiser!

Very nice early Christmas gift!

Also, please notice I’ve just added a “widget” so you can now receive this blog by email rather than having to go find it. Just follow the directions to sign up.


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