Wow, it is cold here! I nearly froze walking home from work. At least the sun is shining at the moment.

Driving was a bit scary for Andrew this morning as he took his in-laws to DFW so they could fly home. We had the foresight to check the traffic conditions before they left at 6am, and there were accidents all over the main freeways. So they took the back roads, which was slow, but they did make it in time and the plane departed. We enjoyed having Lorena and Miguelina here–too bad my Spanish is so crummy! I”m sure they are going to like being back where it is warm, but I know they will miss the family and esp. Isabella.

Some very good news today–Laura’s green card arrived in today’s mail! That means they will be able to stick to plan A and all travel together back to Ethiopia next Wednesday.

Tomorrow they go to Austin for the weekend so Andrew can make a presentation to the leadership at a church there which is heavily invested in FH. They are going to rent a car so we won’t be left car-less. We have a couple activities already lined up for Saturday afternoon, including the official installation of our pastor. The choir has to sing at it, so Gary and Rachel are required to be there, and I’ll tag along too.

In other news, Gary and I are in the throes of setting up and learning a new email system at work. What a pain! But we’re making a little progress each day and once it is fully configured, I think we’ll like it.


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