Yay for the Internet!

I got up this morning and found a message from Gary in my email mailbox. He’s in Ghana this week.


Can you believe it? I’m on the Internet. They have Wifi in the guest house! But it was exceedingly slow to bring up just the Basic mail browser. And I am now reminded why I always use Pronto. The type in the message box that I am now typing in is micro-miniature. Perhaps 6 points at most. Everything else on the page is in huge letters, but not the business part of the screen. 😦 Luckily I brought my big magnifying glass.

Grant found me in the customs line. He is a Messiah College student who needs to do a three-week experience in a low GDP country as a requirement for an international business degree. He’ll be up in Tamale the whole time. He had a booking on tomorrow morning’s flight, but as soon as we arrived at the guest house, an American lady came out and said he could ride in a car with her and her husband who are going up for the seminar week. Luckily they didn’t have two available seats!

It is stinking hot. There is an air conditioner in the room, BUT, there is also a log sheet for using it since they charge one Ghana-buck per hour to run it. Luckily there’s a big ceiling fan for free.

I got enough sleep on the flight that I feel reasonable. I should be fully functional by tomorrow. The kindle ran out of power after just a couple hours. For a flight in which my plan was to sleep most of the time, that’s not too bad, but not good for a day-time flight. I realized that it is probably large print that is draining it fast, since it only draws power when it draws a new page. With normal-sized texts you’d get many times more word per page, so it might last for a long flight. Going back I’ll try a smaller point size and stronger glasses.

Peace (a girl) was at the airport to meet us. Then she put out late breakfast (hard-boiled egg and toast) for me. For lunch, the menu will be lasagna and for dinner it will be shepherd’s pie.

You are still hours away from waking up, but I’ve just passed coffee break time. Fortunately breakfast was nearly at coffe break time, so I won’t miss coffee. I think I’ll lay down for a bit now.


So good to hear he made it there safely. Getting him out the door and to the airport yesterday morning was more stressful than usual due to responsibilities forgotten about until the last minut, a detour on the big highway, and a credit card that didn’t scan properly.

Speaking of responsibilities, I’ve been asked to teach Sunday School for the next three Sundays, so I need to quit typing and get myself ready for church.


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