Catch up

I’m back to scanning slides again. I thought I was finished, then I found two more boxes! This is my family in 1978, in Butternut, when I was pregnant with Andrew.

Gary got home safely from Africa, but a day late. His flight from Ghana to NYC was two hours from landing when they closed JFK airport due to high winds and the flight landed in Cincinnati! Good thing they had lots of fuel! Gary spent the night in a hotel at the airlines’ expense, and got home at 11am on Sunday. Actually, I think we both got a better night of sleep–I didn’t have to go tot he airport at midnight on Saturday night.

Gary has a short week home as he goes off to Boston and Philadelphia on Friday, back the next Wednesday.

The weather has turned warm and sunny–feels good after a long and cold winter. We’re planning a group picnic on Thursday.

Rachel has her spring break this week. She has various little projects to work on and I hope to soon make curtains for her living room using African fabric she got for Christmas from Andrew and Laura.


One Response to “Catch up”

  1. Kathy Says:

    This is one winter that you can truly say it was long and cold! We Michiganders don’t take those comments to lightly when it comes to “long and cold”. Thanks for sharing the picture, it looks like it was taken at the co-op property? Those signs in the background bring back memories, and that is how I remember you all looking. ( not that I always think of you pregnant) I think of you driving as I was riding in your car named? I think it was Ruby? driving home from basketball practice when I was manager. And playing games of scrabble and learing alot from you. The first time you used the word “trite” and made me look it up after saying “Kathy can be very trite at times”. So then when you used the word “tactful” and said I was that, all I could think of was “tacky” and looked that up too! That next week in school after a student debate ( I was in 8th grade) the teacher said I was very tactful, I was so happy to hear that and know what it meant! You were a teacher and didn’t know it. Love ya, Kathy

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