Friday Evening Picnic

I started a fire in our firepit on Friday evening. My purpose was twofold: to cook dinner, and to burn up a bunch of little sticks that had fallen to the yard in preparation for Gary mowing on Saturday. I found some meat in the freezer, and some zucchini in the frig.

I also made potato planks, but didn’t get a photo. They turned out pretty well–first I microwaved the potatoes in the skins for a few minutes, cut them into half-inch thick planks, brushed them with melted butter, then roasted them over the coals in a grilling basket. When finished, I sprinkled with garlic salt–they were yummy.


One Response to “Friday Evening Picnic”

  1. Janet Says:

    You are resourceful, practical and multifaceted Linda…well done…made me hungry

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