Not too much to report at the moment.

The bluebonnets are just starting here–that is always a welcome sight.

Rachel has started her TAKS season–supervising students from her school who have to take the Texas standardized tests. Since these kids are actually homeschooled, the TAKS testing is done at community centers and places like that, since it must be administered by teachers and not parents. Rachel met one of her families from last year, whom she had not previously met, and they said, “you aren’t intimidating after all.” I guess that must be because, even though Rachel is barely 5 feet tall, she has a loud voice. 🙂

Looks like Grandma and Grandpa won’t be coming to visit this month like we had first hoped. Maybe later this year they will be able to come.

I’m working on installing new innards to a toilet at Auntie Carol’s house–it has turned into a three day project! I’m hoping to finish tomorrow. And I’m hoping for no leaks!

We mailed in our taxes yesterday–had to pay a bundle this year! Oh, well, such is life.

I’ve hired an unemployed MK to finish painting the outside of our house. A year ago the guy working on it left, with only one section left unpainted. It just seems like hiring someone might increase the chances of it actually getting finished before the paint’s lifetime warranty expires!


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