Mali Came to Visit

Mali and her family (aka David and Sarah) spent the night at our house last Thursday on their way to see Sarah’s sister Amanda play in the College Softball World Series final tournament. They stayed one night, left Mali with us and went on to Oklahoma City, returning yesterday. Sadly, the purple Washington Huskies lost in a couple close games (with some less than perfect officiating–but I digress).

We, along with Rachel, met David and Sarah at The Fish restaurant in downtown Dallas and enjoyed a Japanese bento box lunch courtesy of a $50 coupon given to us by one of our supporters. I’m not a sushi fan, but this lunch was lovely.

Speaking of Rachel, Monday was her birthday and we took her out to eat at a nice Italian place that evening. The day before her “peeps” came to her house for a swim party and BBQ. If you have Facebook, you probably saw the photo of the lovely cake her friend Sarah made for her.

I made plans to go visit my mom June 16-22. I should get there in time for dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday.


2 Responses to “Mali Came to Visit”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Oh, wonderful, you will be here over June 20th, fathers day, which is my youngest Therese’s openhouse. I would love to have you and your mom come here that day for lunch and fun and to see all the neighbors, Deb and Jim and family had been invited and I will get an invite out to your mom with your name on it! We start at 1pm so it will be a day to have lunch with everyone. Great! Love, Kathy

  2. Linda Says:

    Kathy, that sounds fun! It will be great to see you.

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