Photos of Isabella’s 2nd Birthday Party

I was so happy to get emails from Andrew with photos of Isabella’s 2nd birthday party which was last Saturday. Click below to go see the online photo album with all photos. Amazing that they could rent a blow-up bounce house in Addis Ababa! There was a beautiful cake and pinata, and it looks like they all had lots of fun!

10-06-26 Isabella's 2nd birthday party

In other news, those of you with Facebook will have seen photos the mess over at Rachel’s house. The source of the gallons of water was finally discovered–not a leaking washer or an overflowing drain, but rather the A/C unit in the ceiling. Getting to the leaking joint in the PVC drain meant cutting a big chunk of wall out of the side of the stairway, to say nothing of ruining the laminate in the laundry room floor and soaking the carpet in the coat closet. Gary and I were able to fix the leak, but Rachel is hoping to hire a family friend to do the repairs to the walls and put in a new floor.

Other nice news: today we received a $800 check from IRS, due to the fact that we didn’t fill out our form correctly!


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