Stopped by the Police

Last night while Gary was at choir practice I noticed blue flashing lights outside. When they didn’t go away, I looked outside and lo and behold the police had stopped Gary! It took them quite a while to do whatever it is they do after sternly telling you to get back inside your car and don’t move. Then I came out to see what’s up and he came and intercepted me. But then Gary said, Oh, she’s my wife and I live here. And the policeman said, Oh, I’m just telling you your headlight is out. So we all lived happily ever after.

Well, happily until I had to fix the headlight which turned out to be a small ordeal in 100 degree heat. First I had to tear the light apart. Then I tried to switch bulbs to try to isolate if the problem was the bulb or the wiring. Then I broke the second bulb, so that put an end to my experiments. Then I had to beg Rachel to take me to the car parts store. Which she did, and I repaid her with a fill up. So, eventually I replaced both headlights, taped one to its connector with duct tape, and returned the light housings to their correct spots (after going to the shed to find more screws since I somehow lost a few along the way). Yay, two working headlights at a minimal cost.

Speaking of police, yesterday was a bad day around our neighborhood. One person murdered and another injured at the Donut Palace two miles away, a place that has given its leftovers to the starving missionaries for years. And then two miles away on a different street, another robbery at gunpoint and the perp shot through the store manager’s car roof. Ugh.


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