Back and Front Yard

About a month ago we hired a MK to refinish the deck. It looked OK, but we decided to add a second coat. But to do that, we had to get rid of all the hack berries.

If we had built the deck during hack berry season, I think we would have made the boards a little further apart.

It looks pretty good now and I’m glad we took the effort to add a second coat. White kitty lives outside on the deck now–poor thing is getting so old she can’t control her bladder any more.

Several weeks ago we planted some marigolds in the front using sifted compost dirt. Apparently that dirt was full of seeds because now we have several zinnias and yesterday we discovered 3 watermelons!


2 Responses to “Back and Front Yard”

  1. DM Says:

    thanks for stopping by the blog today. Enjoy your time w/ your grandbaby! DM

  2. Update « Linda's Family News Says:

    […] By Linda Remember I mentioned that I found some self-seeded watermelons in our flower garden? Well, they turned out to be cantaloupes. They look good, but really […]

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