White Kitty Has Died

White kitty

White kitty had been banished to to live outside for the last three months due to loss of bladder control. She had started to show signs of uncoordination and other symptoms of old age. This morning there was a pile of white fur in the back yard (though I saw no blood). I’m assuming she was killed and eaten by a coyote. We knew her end was coming soon, but I expected she would just die in her sleep. I hope the predator killed her quickly.

She joined our family the day Andrew graduated from HS as a stray, so that made her over 13 years old.

Since I couldn’t sleep tonight, I made this photo album of white kitty. Click on the photo above.


3 Responses to “White Kitty Has Died”

  1. TANK Says:

    😦 I’m sorry about your loss. My old cat disappeared like that, too, minus the pile of fur. We decided that maybe she just knew it was time and wandered away. Or maybe she was zapped straight to heaven 😉

  2. Teresa Says:

    Thank you for the White Kitty album. That was a lovely tribute to your little friend now gone. I would suspect that a pile of fur but no blood would indicate that White Kitty had already passed from this life when somebody snatched her up for a tasty treat. Heavy sigh.

  3. Ma Hoyt Says:

    Aww…what a funny ol’ sweet, kitty. I like the “white on white,” but they were all nice photos.

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