Gary’s been away a week now. We’ve talked on Skype almost every day. He paid for a good internet connection in his room so he can get some email done and talk to me. Sounds like all is well there, and he especially enjoyed their group outing to the Singapore zoo.

The weather here has been gorgeous. It has cooled off some, and clear dry air. Nice for walking in the park, which I have done several times. There don’t seem to be many birds around this time of year, but still lots of butterflies.

Rachel has been having a good week, after such a horrible week last week. She works so hard and long–it would be nice if it were only 40 hours a week. We did go out for lunch together today in between errands to the bank and the Post Office. She went to a Rangers’ game on Tuesday with some peeps from work.

Andrew has bought a ticket to come to Dallas to retake the GRE. He arrives a week from today which is 24 hours after Gary returns from Singapore. He takes the test Oct. 11 and then leaves the next morning to visit the two universities he is considering applying to for Ph.D work. Neither of them is anywhere near Dallas, but at least Isabella would be in the same country as us.

OK, guess that’s the news for now.


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