Nice Weather

Gary is missing the second best weather of the year (the best weather comes in April when we’re all tired of the cold). We’ve had over a week of cool, sunny, and dry days–perfect. This morning it was actually time to pull out a sweater for my walk to work.

I think I forgot to mention Gary’s outings in Singapore: he’s gone to a nearby Presbyterian church, eaten stingray curry, and ridden a high-speed glass elevator. He’s been to several “malls,” which for that country means a big place to shop in a vertical skyscraper.

Today I did my almost-annual mammogram in preparation for our almost-annual physicals. We’ve got the lab work scheduled for Saturday morning which means fasting on Friday night. This is only 24 hours after Gary is scheduled to return from the other side of the earth, so I hope the fasting doesn’t bring on another case of near-fatal jet lag as once happened when he returned from Thailand and slept without eating. (Anyone remember that? Gary’s eyes were open but when I talked to him he didn’t answer. I slapped him, but he didn’t respond. At that point I realized that the lights were on but nobody was home, so I called 911 and like a fool told them, “my husband is acting weird.” It turned out to just be a case of dehydration and low blood sugar–BUT IT WAS SCARY!!)

Andrew’s flight in from Ethiopia on Friday arrives 24 hours after Gary arrives from Singapore, and David is hoping to get a cheap flight from Houston to come up and visit too. I hope that works as it will be nice to have the whole family together–well, the whole blood family, and we will certainly miss Laura and Sarah.

I’ve been feeling kind of lonely today so I made spaghetti sauce and salad and will take it over to Rachel’s for dinner in hopes that she can find some pasta. She’s allotting me 60 minutes between the end of her work day and the beginning of her favorite TV show. I guess I’ll take what I can get!


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