Andrew has Come and Gone

The alarm rang at 4am so we could drive Andrew to the airport this morning. Gary actually had a full night of sleep because he went to sleep at 9pm. I got about 3 hours of sleep because sometimes I have insomnia. Anyway, Andrew is on his way to Sacramento to visit UC Davis to see if he is interested in attending there for a PhD program. He’s also interested in Cornell and will go there for a campus visit at the end of the week.

It was nice having Andrew here for a few days, though I can’t say it was a particularly restful weekend. We are happy David was willing to drive up from Houston, and that Rachel quit working for a few hours to spend time with us. Click on the above photo to go to a Picasa album to see more photos of our weekend activities. Be sure to read the captions.

Andrew took the GRE test yesterday morning and since it was an electronic version, he got his scores immediately. He was happy enough with them and hope they will be good enough to get him a fellowship for one of the study programs.

The dirty sheets and towels are already being washed and dried because our friend Stan is due to arrive sometime today for a week’s visit.

OK, I guess I’d better either go to work or go back to bed.


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