Gary went to the clinic today for his two little surgeries, but while there the doctor decided he wasn’t willing to do the second one. He did cut out a growth from the top of Gary’s head and turn it in for testing to see if it was skin cancer. He had four stitches that won’t be removed for 2 weeks.

We are a bit disappointed that the dr. decided the second little surgery was, in fact, too big for him to tackle. He decided he wasn’t sure if it was a sebaceous cyst or a lipoma, and decided he wasn’t qualified to proceed. He gave us the name of a general surgeon to call. I think Gary does want to pursue this, but it is elective surgery, so not sure if our insurance would pay. I guess we’ll have to investigate.


One Response to “Update”

  1. Shirley Says:

    We had to do that with John, to have a pre- melanoma removed. Nothing to the surgery, but I think it might be a common thing among doctors to do this. They just don’t want to spread it in case they don’t get all of it. We didn’t know about this, take good care of yourselves. We need to eat lunch together soon. My knee is healing so much faster than the other one did. I can actually get around now. Loved my Dr. and the hospital, recommend him for anything like this if you need to have it done. He prayed with me before the surgery, a 1st, and the whole hosp. staff talked about God, and their attitude was fantastic. Love, John and Shirley

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