Medical Update on Gary

Today I drove Gary to Mansfield to a surgeon. He scheduled Gary for outpatient surgery at a nearby surgery center on Friday at noon to remove the lump from the back of his neck. He was unclear whether it was a lipoma or a sebaceous cyst. He is planning to use only local anesthesia with sedation, and that makes it less complicated and less expensive. We have such a high deductible on our health insurance, that it will likely all come out of pocket anyway.

Then this afternoon Gary went back to Dr. Whitney to have the stitches taken out of his head. The wound is healing OK, but it didn’t close completely, so it looks pretty bad (one of the stitches ripped through, so didn’t hold the skin close together). The pathology was basal cell carcinoma, as expected, but the margins were clean so it looks like they got it all.

The bad news is it looks like he has another one growing on his cheek, so that will need to be excavated too. But he’ll wait on that until after the neck thing is over.

I other news, Laura got stuck in Istanbul, so Andrew had to delay his trip to Djibouti. I guess I need to brush up on my geography to keep up with those two.

I still other news, we’re playing musical mattress around here–throwing away our beat up mattress, throwing away the broken futon frame, moving a sleeper-sofa couch, and buying a a double bed in a box from Sam’s. Our house is full of double beds! But we did have a night recently when all three of our guest rooms were occupied!

Rachel also just got a very nice free double bed from Wycliffe folks who are moving so she’s ready for visitors too.


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