Gary’s Little Surgery

Gary is home safe from his little surgery this noon. The procedures included an EKG, IV, oxygen, and monitoring vital signs, but as he was being wheeled into the operating room they decided he was a tough guy and didn’t need sedation to go along with the local anesthesia. I guess that made the whole thing go quicker because they were done before I’d even gotten back from my lunch at Subway a mile down the road. We were on our way home a few minutes later, but we had to stop at McDonalds since Gary was hungry.

Here is the before and after photo. The mass turned out to be a sebaceous cyst, not a lipoma, and yes, it did stink as it was being removed. The incision was 2.25 inches long and the cyst was the size of a “half-dollar,” according to the nurse. The surgeon thought it was a lipoma until he cut. The incision was closed with stitches that will dissolve and some kind of glue. Not even a bandaid on it.

So, all went well and now that the Novocaine (or whatever) has worn off, Gary is taking a nap. Actually, the only thing that went wrong was my debit card was declined to pay the rather large bill (we have a high-deductible insurance). Turns out it takes 24 hours for $ to be transferred from one’s savings to one’s checking–Here I thought electrons moved faster than that! So I ended up using the credit card instead.


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