If It Ain’t One Thing

…it’s another. Today Gary figured out that he has shingles, and a trip to our clinic confirmed it. He had been feeling some tingling and burning on one side of his back, but at first there was only one little spot with some tiny blisters. Today there was more rash and more tingling. The rash is only a few inches from his neck incision.

I had to report this fact to the surgery center, because, it turns out that Gary’s episode with shingles had actually started the day before the surgery–we just hadn’t figured it out by then!

He has already started an antiviral medication and the hope is that this will make it a mild case. We sure hope so since we’ve heard so many stories of how painful this disease can be. Your prayers for his quick recovery are appreciated.

The surgery incision seems to be healing fine and no complications with that. We are also grateful for an unexpected gift received today to help pay the medical bills.


One Response to “If It Ain’t One Thing”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Ok, you all, it’s time to turn things around. Good grief!! Gary, we’re so sorry. Mom had this, and it was painful, but it did go away. Not the time of year for all this. You all hang in there. Love and prayers, John & Shirley

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