I’m putting together an album of Christmas photos, which I’ll add to later this week. But click the link now if you want to see what is there so far.

Gary’s shingles seem to have not gotten any worse, and in fact are getting better.  So glad he didn’t have to suffer like some folks do.  His surgery incision seems to be healing OK, too.  We go for followup visit with the surgeon tomorrow.  I’m not enjoying all the paperwork to send in forms to our insurance company, but we’re hoping to get some money back eventually.

Our car got sick this week–new radiator installed on Thursday.  We knew it wasn’t good when we kept seeing puddles of liquid in the driveway.

On Friday afternoon we went to Granbury (a town on the Brazos river about hour and half drive away) for our annual Christmas party/dinner/sleepover with three sets of old Kimball church friends.  We always have a good time with them.

Rachel really seems to be liking her new job–it is tons easier than her last job.  She almost feels guilty!  She put out her first newsletter and it looked pretty good.  Maybe after the new year it will pick up.

I joined the church choir for the Christmas season and we’ve had several performances, including yesterday at the local Ben Franklin dime store.  Hmm, they don’t call them dime stores anymore, do they?  But the store does seem just like a dime store from my childhood.

Rachel now attends the big Baptist church in town, and I went with her last Sunday evening to their big Christmas pageant that they do every year, complete with live animals and choirs of heavenly  hosts.  I think she wants to join the choir there in the new year.

We are looking forward to David and Sarah arriving on Thursday.  On Friday we have a Christmas Eve service followed by dessert at Auntie Carol’s; Christmas morning and breakfast at Rachel’s; Christmas dinner at our house with a few extra visitors joining us; maybe the Narnia movie late on Christmas day; church Sunday morning then an anniversary party for us at Rachel’s at 2pm Sunday.  Looks to be a great weekend coming up.  So sad Andrew, Laura, and Isabella won’t be able to be here too.

We already bought our mutual 35th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves–a used double recliner (bought from a missionary family who was heading out and needed to sell all their household goods). Gary likes it so much is is fast becoming a couch potato!


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