Gary in Chicago

It is nice that Gary’s now using a cell phone so he can easily give me a daily update when he’s away. Sounds like their symposium went well except for the fact that hardly anyone attended! Gary says there were about 20 parallel tracks so that was an issue, to say nothing of the fact that they were first up early on the first day of the conference.

Got a nice call from Sarah today. She is doing OK, but it looks more and more that she will NOT becoming home from the hospital until Micah is born or she reaches 34 weeks–whichever comes first. Yikes–that is a LONG time to be laying in hospital bed. We are going to Houston for one brief day this week, so we will take some baby stuff to them and have a brief visit with Sarah as well as attend David’s PhD dissertation defense.

Speaking of David’s work, he gave a speech at a symposium this weekend and won a $300 first prize. Which is nice, since they are not having their usual income with Sarah unable to work. Keep praying that Micah stays put and continues to grow safely and that God will bring peace to them in spite of the difficulties.


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