Short Trip to Houston

Click the photo above to go to the web album showing photos from our very short trip to Houston. Use the arrows to click through the photos and read the captions to hear about our trip.

In a word, David successfully defended his dissertation and is being called Dr. already as a courtesy. It isn’t official until he makes a few more changes to his dissertation, gets a few more signatures, and gets it turned in. He did a great job with his presentation and handled the audience questions quite well. Now, he heads back to medical school later this month, and if all goes well, he’ll have his second Dr. in a year or so.

It was great to see Sarah and see how she is doing. We are sad it looks like she will have to stay in the hospital on a magnesium drip until Micah is born, but he does seem to be growing well. We heard his strong heartbeat and hiccups when Sarah was on the monitor. We appreciate your continued prayers for his safe growth and delivery.


One Response to “Short Trip to Houston”

  1. Florence Gerdel Says:

    Such a blessing to get your news, including aout about the bab, and OF COURSE about Davidl Florence

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