Andrew and Laura’s Dallas Vacation April 2011

Andrew phoned me saying they had gotten back to Addis safely; it is about 24 hours door to door. I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos of their visit–most of them are of Isabella, for some odd reason! Click here to go view the Picasa web album, and using the slideshow is the best view.

This beautiful Painted Bunting was hanging around and Andrew was able to get this shot with his brand new camera which arrived one day before their departure. This camera was to replace the one that got stolen.

We spent Saturday getting our house back in order, doing laundry, and mostly I was getting my Sunday School lesson ready. I’ll post about that later so you can see the map I made.

Rachel took us out Saturday night for Mother’s Day dinner so we didn’t have to face the crowds on Sunday. That was nice.

We need to all be praying for Sarah this week–she has reached 34 weeks in her pregnancy, so they are going to start weaning her off the anti-contraction medicine tomorrow and the plan is for her to be off it by Wednesday. Then–either she gets to go home (finally!) or she goes into labor and has her baby! We are hoping for the former, so she has some time to get their house ready for a baby. The latest ultrasound has Micah already at 6.5 lbs! Please keep her in your prayers.


One Response to “Andrew and Laura’s Dallas Vacation April 2011”

  1. Teresa Says:

    Isabella is SO big. What a fun Easter treat.
    Congradulations on your up and coming grandson. Sarah is awesome. Ezekiel and Oz were both born at 36 weeks and were both under 6 lbs so I have great hope for Micah’s well being.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

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