New (Interim) Car

Busy day! We are proud owners of a “new” car–a 2003 Toyota Corolla with lots of miles on it. We struck a deal with our “car guy” to buy this car from him as an interim measure until he can find us what we are looking for at a good price. He is a friend and coworker who has been getting cars for missionaries for many years at car auctions. He thinks there will be more cars to choose from in the early fall, so our idea is to drive this one for a couple months while he keeps looking for something else for us–at which time he’ll buy this one back from us.

The good news is that he gave us more than we expected as a trade in on the Aerostar and we signed the papers off so we no longer own it. We’ve gotten the insurance transfered to the new car and we drove it to Waxahachie tonight and it drives nice. So, we are ready to drive to Houston.

Speaking of Houston, latest word is no baby yet, but now Monday is the induction day. We plan to drive Houston on Monday but Rachel won’t be able to come with us as she has a work retreat she must attend–she’s very sad to not be able to come along. So we’ll probably make another trip down there later in the month so she can go.


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