Linda’s Trip to Michigan

I’m going back and organizing my photos from my trip to Michigan. It was refreshing to me to be around so much green–even if a lot of the ponds and lakes seem to be overrun with lily pads and water plants. I took a little time to drive to some of the nearby lakes.

I made collages so I could show off lots of the trees, plants, flowers, fish, and turtles.

It was cottonwood fuzz season–the stuff was like snow coming down!

I actually arrived in Michigan just in time to attend the graveside burial of my cousin Wilma’s husband who died rather suddenly. He was buried in a rural cemetery where my aunt and uncle are also buried. He was a pastor of a small church and part of a Christian motorcycle club and many attended the funeral and graveside services.

The real reason I went to Michigan was to attend my 40th HS reunion. It was a lot of fun and this photo is 4 out of 5 of our old gang. I posted lots of other photos of folks on Facebook.

I also had a chance to do a little birdwatching, and spied 4 new birds for my life list, only one of which is in this collage.


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