That Baby’s Name Is:

I got quesses from four people and no one got them all right. Here are names with the faces.

Wow, it is exactly one week from right now that Andrew, Laura, and Isabella’s plane will be landing in Dallas. They report that the packing and selling of many of their belongings has gone quite smoothly so far, and Andrew has been able to orient his replacement, including some travel to a remote part of Ethiopia. It will be fun to have them here for a week before they drive off to Ithaca, NY. They will have to immediately buy a car when they arrive, and then make plans for getting all their stuff reorganized, shipped, or packed away.

On July 16 and 17 we are looking forward to having our whole family together and we are going to do a family photo (whether anyone wants to or not!) And all eyes will be open.

I had a lovely birthday yesterday–over 50 greetings from my Facebook friends, lots of personal greetings and birthday cards and phone calls, lunch at Ton’s, baking a chocolate cheesecake, and watching a Netflix movie.


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