July 1-4

We had a nice long holiday weekend, which included my birthday. My coworker, Rene, started things off with a nice birthday cake which I didn’t bake.

On my actual birthday I went to Ton’s for lunch, and just puttered around the house at a very slow speed. I did make a chocolate cheese cake, and you can see the onion chopper that Rachel bought me–it was to replace the identical one my mom got for me a few years back, but which I broke. It is indeed a very handy veggie chopper. We had some corn on the cob and whoever figured out that you can cook it directly in the microwave without even cleaning it was an absolute genius!

Some time this weekend I decided to recycle the paper, but the bottom fell out of the box on the way to the trunk.

Gary got up early on the 4th and mowed the lawn, then mowed down the dead wildflower garden. He scooped up all the wildflower pieces and did a reenactment of Johnny Appleseed in on the property adjoining ours.

Rachel’s church choir put on a little concert Sunday evening which we attended. Rachel then joined our church choir put on a little pops & patriotic concert just prior to the fireworks display–the church is in a great location for the fireworks and we had a captive audience.

Here’s a 45-second video of the start of the fireworks show.


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