Back Home

We got home safely last night at about 1am (2am by MI timezone). Gary went to work today, but I didn’t. I unpacked, went to the fruit and vegetable store, and got the car inspected, among other little things.

Phone call from Andrew says they are busy, busy setting up housekeeping in their campus apartment. Phone call from David says he’s about finished with the residency application paperwork and is working on a new experiment in the lab, besides doing his ophthalmology rotation. Sarah and Micah have been in Seattle for some days now. Sarah was feeling well enough to travel so she and Grandma Maureen are having fun showing Micah off to the other side of the family. Continue to pray for Sarah’s health and strength, and for wisdom about her going back to work.

I loved the big blueberries we bought in Michigan from a Mennonite farmer’s market. My mom pulled out an old fashioned blueberry buckle recipe which turned out very well.

Near the end of our stay, we took Rachel to the cemetery where many of her ancestors lie.

And other of her ancestors are still alive.

Speaking of Rachel, we are happy to report that a contract for the next school year was awaiting her when she got back to her email box after vacation. There were some changes in her company, but they don’t affect her directly in a major way.


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