Linda’s New Toy

I really didn’t want a new camera, but, alas, my old one (only 18 months old) quit working. I’ve now broken two different pocket digital cameras, so this time I decided to get a “tough” one:

I’ve only taken a few photos so far, here’s a sample–click on the thumbnails to get a better look:

It is supposed to be

  • waterproof–even for underwater photos,
  • drop-proof–up to 5 feet,
  • freezeproof–as if we have to worry about that around here.
  • (It didn’t mention heatproof…)

I didn’t like the wrist strap that came with it so I cannibalized the one from my old camera. Same with the provided case. But it turns out that Gary’s new toy fits into the case that came with this camera, so I’ll donate it to him. Another nice thing, turns out the rechargeable battery from my old camera fits this one, so now I have 3 batteries. And speaking of batteries, this camera is modern enough to recharge via one’s computer–that is, when you plug in the USB cable to upload photos, power downloads into the battery at the same time. It also has a more conventional A/C battery charger too.

I’m so old-fashioned that I think I’m actually going to print out the manual (which came on a CD) and even READ it, to make sure I get the most I can out of this camera.


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