Video Chat with Andrew and Isabella

We spent a little time this afternoon getting Skype configured on our laptops and then we had a very fun video skype with Isabella. It is so fun to be able to see who you’re talking to!

We also had Andrew walk around their apartment with his computer to give us a virtual tour and that was fun too.

After that, we got this photo from them. Ain’t it great to live where there is icecream?

Rachel’s school starts tomorrow. Looks like it will not be without some glitches, but such is life when everything is virtual. I hope it gets sorted out soon so she won’t be so stressed out as she is now (I think the stress is making her grumpy!)


One Response to “Video Chat with Andrew and Isabella”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I wanted to get back with you about the pasties. I just made a crust ( with lard) and rolled it out huge and put it over a deep dish and large pie plate, then filled the inside and put the rest over top and pinched off to seal and baked for 1 hour and 10 minutes and it was really good. Easier than the indiv. pies. I was pleased with the taste of the filling. I put meat ( fresh gr. turkey cooked with gr. peppers and garlic and onions, rutabaga diced, carrots, greenbeans, zuchinni, and dried thyme, fresh gr. pepper, and salt, I had read that thyme was good on rudabaga and thought that might be a secret to the taste. I gave a pie to Jerrys bro and his wife and they love yooper pasties and they said it was really good. I have since taken a real liking to rudabaga and love it flavor and plan to cook with it more often. You can saute all of this for a bit and soften before baking to cut down the baking time.

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