I think I may have already posted this photo, but maybe not, so here it is again. We thought it was funny!

Not too much news here. Rachel and I are getting excited about a trip to Houston this long weekend. Looking forward to seeing Micah, but we’ll talk to his parents too. David is finishing up a Labor and Delivery rotation and hasn’t gotten to deliver a baby yet, so he’s hoping that will still happen!

Gary can’t come with us because he’s off to Waxhaw for a week of working including working on Labor Day–how appropriate. I’m looking to find someone to drive him to DFW.

We got a call from our friend Stan last night. He is coming for his annual visit in early November.

Our apartment has been pretty busy with visitors of late. Our new policy of only letting people stay for up to 6 weeks means it is often empty, but still it is getting use by parents of students, coworkers visiting, and, of course, our own family and friends.

Many of you remember the man who married us, Don Davis. He is very near death and we need to lift him and his family up in prayer. And that reminds me, we should sometime figure out how to fill out all those end-of-life papers. Sigh. Today at coffee break we heard of our friend Joice running across the church parking lot to catch up with a friend to ask her if she would sing at her funeral! Typical Joice!


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