9-11 Memories

We were in Thailand at a conference. I was having a great time, because I usually didn’t get to go on Gary’s exotic trips. The food was great, the work was easy, and the shopping a the night bazaar was cheap and fun.

We had been out to dinner and while in the elevator back to our hotel room someone told us to turn on the TV. That was not very helpful as one of the three channels was in Thai, another in French, and the only English channel was the business channel so worried that the unthinkable might happen–the stock market might close.

It was some hours later that we were able to find a TV with CNN and start to learn a little bit more.

I really worried about my kids and I really wanted to talk with them. This was, of course, entirely irrational since there was no reason at all to think this even would be affecting them directly. I did eventually get a hold of them: David a freshman at Taylor, Rachel a sophomore at SNU, and Andrew home in Dallas applying for grand school.


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