Morty is learning to identify more and more birds without eating them.

And I identified another wildflower–Drummond Rain Lily.

The book says, “They pop up when it rains” and yes, they did. We finally got some nice soaking rain last weekend, and these showed up Monday and Tuesday.

We still need LOTS more rain, but it’s a start.

Gary is in Boise, Idaho for two days. He’s with a colleague, so I don’t have to do the midnight airport run.

I’m teaching SS for the next three weeks. We’re studying the Feeding of the 5000. My plan is to have the kids build dioramas showing the different scenes from the story. Not being all the artistic myself, I hope this works! Photos later, if it does!

I have orders on hand for 3 more cakes/cupcakes. I got started today on a set of cupcakes and had a colossal fail. It appears I can’t multiply 1.75 teaspoons by 2 because I put 3 Tablespoons and one-half teaspoon of baking powder into the batter, followed by 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice. Aaarg! They puffed up and fell in the middle and tasted pretty bad too. So, the wild animals will be getting dessert in the compost pile tonight. I tried again and the second batch turned out just fine.


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