Teaching Sunday School

Today I prepared for my last Sunday out of three in a row teaching the elementary kids about Jesus Feeding the 5000. No one showed up! However, last week and the week before we had plenty of kids.

for week one, we made dioramas to illustrate four scenes from the story. I made the first one ahead of time and the kids made the other three in groups.

On week two we had the kids count out oyster crackers into piles of 50 until we got up to 5000, to illustrate how big a miracle Jesus did.

Then the kids gathered up the crackers and put them into 12 “baskets” we had made ahead of time from lunch bags. I told them to take them home and feed the birds, but they probably ate them themselves.

When I didn’t have SS class today, I attended an adult meeting about the possibility of our local church leaving the PCUSA and joining another more conservative or evangelical association. I think the Presbyterian church in Oregon that supports us is doing the very same thing.


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