More Surgery

Gary did go to the dermatologist and, alas, more face surgery has been scheduled for November 4. It does appear that the first surgery followed by the liquid chemo didn’t quite do the trick. That is bad news in itself, but additional bad news is that means we’re looking at another $2500 deductible since a new fiscal year has started. 😦

My weird mouth pain still hasn’t gone completely away, but each day it is slightly better. It still hurts to chew certain foods.

Enough of the bad news–how ’bout them Rangers?? We’ve had various folks over to watch the World Series games with us and that has been fun. We put the tarp down and have been serving peanuts in the shell. Will they win tomorrow to take it all?

Other good news is that I’m ahead of the curve on preparing Christmas gifts this year!

I hope you are praying for David as he starts his season of residency interviews all over the country. And pray for Andrew with his tough math classes. And pray for Rachel who has had some rough days at her job.


2 Responses to “More Surgery”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Never thought a few weeks ago that Jerry and I would be rooting for “them rangers”!!! Even our neighbor Mary Lou Gonzales who was watching and wishing for the Tigers has gone to watching and wishing for Rangers. ( she was born and raised in Texas!) Go Rangers!!!!

    Sorry to hear of Gary’s skin cancer. To think of all those who lay in those ovens purposely to get tanned!! UGH!! It is no wonder your teeth and jaw hurt. Do you wear a night bite? My son Jerome, when he started college had to start wearing one because he could hardly open his jaw because of pain. Jerry’s mom once had lock jaw, both these cases where caused by grinding teeth at night due to stress.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Kathy! Maybe the Rangers will finish it off tonight?!?

    I have recently started wearing a night bite guard to see if that will help. I am better, but not quite back to pain-free.

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