Christmas 2011 in Dallas

It was a good Christmas season for us. We were busy, but tried not to get too busy. Our choir performances kept us busy, but singing Christmas carols keeps one in the Christmas season.

I “starred” in our church’s Christmas play, which was also a nice way to remember the real story. And when I say “starred,” I really mean that I read my script.

We attended the big pageant at Rachel’s church–very uplifting.

I taught Sunday School for the Sundays of Advent–the craft project I chose–each child making a Christmas story book with rubber stamped images–turned out to be a bit too much. We’re going to try to complete the book by Epiphany.

Gary got what he be wanting for Christmas–a full sized digital piano to got with the music composition software he got some time ago. It has full sized keys, all 88 of them, but it has to live next to his computer, so now our office is even fuller.

I got some nice bird books and a gum-paste flower-making kit to encourage my cake decorating hobby. That will be fun to try out.

I made an online photo album of Christmas 2011, starting with the goodies (of which there were many!) Click here to go to the album, which is best viewed in Slideshow mode.

We have a week of vacation now–the Center is closed. But, first thing tomorrow I’m off for a root canal. 😦


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