Wrapping Up Christmas at Sunday School

I volunteered to teach Sunday School (elementary ages) for the Sundays of Advent. My tour of service got extended through today due to the intervention of our Christmas play and the fact that both Christmas and New Years were on Sunday. But it worked out just right, if one keeps with the church calendar, as we just had Epiphany on Friday.

My idea was to have the kids build their own Christmas Story book using these chunky rubber stamps:

I had figured out that our story books would have 8 pages, and we’d try to do two pages each Sunday of Advent. Well, that all sounds good in theory, but it didn’t actually work out quite that well due to some kids being absent on some of the four Sundays and the fact that some of the pages were quite complicated. Only three of my seven students finished today, and I decided to fill in the missing pages for everyone else, thus the mess all over my kitchen:

Then of course Morty had to get into the wet paint:

Here is a collage of all the pages:

We also made photo ornaments:

Now  I am cleaning up the mess that has been hanging around since mid-November, and someone else  is teaching for the next round or two.


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