Vacationette in Houson, Part 2

Yes, we’ll start with part 2, so I can post the link to the Baby Micah photos and videos. We arrived at David and Sarah’s house around 1pm on Saturday and left after lunch on Sunday. We so enjoyed playing with Micah who has grown so much. He’s very busy with many new physical skills, but he has also developed an ear-piercing screech! I kept trying to remind him to use syllables instead of screeches, with some small success.
Click here to go to the web album where I posted the photos–the last two in the album are short videos.

We got home safely at about 7pm but could hardly believe it was snowing! Not much, but enough to notice. I’ll get around to posting about Part 1 soon. We did have a great time birdwatching on Galveston Island Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

(fixed the link to go to the entire album.)


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