Today is Gary’s birthday. He’s finally as old as me. More on that later.

Wednesday our choir sang at our church’s Ash Wednesday service. It was a good service. We’re reading a book of Lenten devotionals by Henri Nouwen this season

Thursday night we had two African gentlemen over for dinner, one from Ghana and one from Cameroon.

I got some new tea out of the deal:

Friday evening Rachel and I went to a fundraiser concert at the center by a singing group named Mosaic. They specialize in scripture songs and Rachel has all of their albums.

Saturday morning I had a nice chat with Andrew. He is thinking he might be in Ethiopia the entire summer, but not yet sure. Laura has applied for several jobs, but no luck yet. We’d like to visit them, but there seems to be no good time to do that between their schedule and Gary’s. Same thing with visiting Wendell and Judy–no good time to do that. Speaking of schedules, this week I booked a trip for Gary to Ghana in April and last week his travel to Thailand was finalized for April-May. And I think we already mentioned that we got Rachel’s ticket to Ithaca organized for next month.

Gary had to break out the lawnmower earlier than he wanted to, but the weeds and grass were eight inches tall. It looks much better now, but he’s complaining this morning that his hands are bruised from the vibration of the mower. We really didn’t have much of a winter this year, but at least we’ve had some good rains which will help after last summer’s drought.

Last night Gary, Rachel and I went to the Cedar Valley College’s Family Music Theater and saw Into the Woods, a spoof on a conglomerate of fairy tales. It was fun, but a bit too long. At the end of the first act everyone was living happily ever after, but by the end of the show, several had been eaten by the evil giant and all concluded there really was no such thing as living happily ever after. Hmm, maybe we should have left at halftime!

That brings us up to today. I’m skipping a baby shower luncheon after church to take Gary to Ton’s for his birthday, and then I’m coming home and going to try out a new icing recipe called Italian Buttercream. I recently bought myself a candy thermometer from Pampered Chef, so I can now try out this recipe. I’ll post photos later.

Newsflash: just got a call from Andrew that Laura has been take to the ER with severe stomach cramps and they are about to do a sonogram. Please pray for them.


2 Responses to “Update”

  1. TANK Says:

    Into the Woods, it’s time to go, I hate to leave, I have to, though. Into the Woods, it’s time and so, I must begin the journey…

    We put on that play in high school. I was assistant stage manager. That does bring back the memories. That was quite a production for our little school.

  2. Linda Says:

    Indeed! It seemed like a huge production.

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