Life In the Yard

It is a beautiful day today–I love April in Texas (except when there are tornadoes.) I’ve made a photo album to the beauties in the yard: click here.

I skipped work this morning so I could be taxi driver. First we dropped Gary off at the Delta gate at 10:15 to start his journey to Ghana, then on to Lewisville with Rachel so she could have an in-person chat with folks at her work. While waiting for Rachel, I found a local park and did a bit of birdwatching and actually found a lifer! (I hope my ID was right!). After her meeting, Rachel and I ate at Pei Wei–I had a lemon grass chicken noodle salad–interesting! We got home in time for her 1:30 appointment, and Gary texted me (yes, he knows how to do this!!) that he enjoyed his First class upgrade to Minneapolis and was about to leave for NYC also in First class. I don’t think he will get an upgrade like that for the trans-Atlantic flight.

I’ve been asked to whip together a birthday cake for tomorrow, so I need to get started on that. I’m going to try a new recipe that Laura passed on to me with high recommendations.

OK, guess that’s the news for now. I’m looking forward to a Skype chat with Micah and his parents tonight so I might learn a bit more about their upcoming plans.


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