The Weekend

I had a pleasant couple hours to go birdwatching on Friday evening after I dropped Rachel off at the pavilion at Cedar Hill State Park so she could have dinner with some of her work peeps who were sponsoring a TXVA campout. The water level is high, and in some places, the mud is too:

The first bird I saw, well, really wasn’t:

Then I saw some wildflowers, Foxglove Penstemon and Prairie Larkspur:

I actually got a lifer for my bird list when I saw a teeny, tiny Marsh wren in the reeds near the Marina.

On Saturday Rachel and I each had bridal showers to go to and then after that we went and saw a movie called October Baby, which I’d recommend.

Today I taught Sunday School and then Rachel and I went to Wendy’s for lunch and later to Walgreens to do an errand. I stopped at the gas station across the street from Walgreens to take this photo of the Monk Parakeets building a humongous nest of sticks up in the electric pole:


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