Catching Up

Gary doesn’t have a digital camera, nor does he know how to take photos with his phone. But he did figure out how to take this photo with his computer! When he was in Seoul waiting for his next flight he took this photo of a Airbus 380 which has two stories. He sat on the lower section while the business and first class is on the top layer.

In other news, our big plans to go birding yesterday got slapped down. We got up early and drove to the Southside Water treatment plant 30 miles away and then they wouldn’t let us in because our names were not on “the list.” Very disappointing. But we did do some birding around the edges and at a couple local parks and got home just before noon.

I did see a new wildflower or two, but haven’t IDed them yet. Speaking of wildflowers, I’ll post this nice photo of a field of basketflowers I took the other day.


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