Fun Saturday

On Friday evening we went to DFW and picked up one of Doro’s sisters. You remember Doro–the second exchange student (both girls from Germany) who lived with us in 2003-4. Half way home we realized it was Doro’s older sister with us–somehow we thought it was her younger sister who was coming!
We started Saturday morning with breakfast at the state park.  The weather was still cool enough to enjoy being outside and the breakfast burritos turned out great.

After that we went swimming at Rachel’s pool–water was chilly, but the air temps made up for it! Then home, took a shower, and then off to deposit Elizabeth at the Greyhound station so she could go to Austin to see a friend.

Next Gary and I tried to find a place near the Trinity River to do some birdwatching. It is a big river, but not so easy to find.
We finally found the Texas Buckeye trail and took a hot hike to the river.

This outing gave Gary a chance to try out his newest toy–a fairly inexpensive hand-held spotting scope.

Pray for David and Sarah this week–they are wrapping up their life in Houston and heading for Seattle via Dallas on Wednesday. Moving is such a pain!


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