Surely I’m not the first person to figure out that BLT’s, that great summer sandwich, should be made on a hot dog bun?

In other news, Andrew completed his Q exam on Friday and Laura cooked a meal for all the test takers to enjoy after that. Wish I could have been there, because she’s a great cook! The next day they went on a mini vacation to Cooperstown. Isabella looks like she’s enjoying the Baseball Hall of Fame almost as much as Andrew.

We are gearing up for David, Sarah, and Micah’s arrival in just a couple days. I fixed the crib today so he won’t be able to jump out, and I baked the first half of his birthday cake. Pray for them–moving is such a pain!

Speaking of moving, we got a letter from Wendell and Judy today. They are still alive and spending most of their time working away at getting rid of stuff so they can put their house up for sale. Their computer isn’t working well, so they can’t seem to send email anymore.

Yesterday our church choir sang the premier performance an anthem that took Gary 40 years to finish writing. It was cool. And it was nice that Rachel joined our choir for the day so she could sing her daddy’s song. We’re going to try to record it at our next choir practice. It will be a digital recording, so some of you will figure out how to listen to it!


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